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  1. spanielsandhawks

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    Bill hardy page 1. ATB.
  2. spanielsandhawks

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    Topic says wheaten x ? You say there is not much wheaten in it and Breed the wheaten out of it? I’m confused!!!
  3. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    Half cross
  4. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    Not nonsense at all, every dog is different!! Had and still got wheatenx'es, each are different.
  5. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    Nice dog its that the one you got for a £10 in a show I swapped that lamp I bought off you for a fiver lol
  6. spanielsandhawks

    Show Us Your Pups

    How is he bread, halfx to greyhound? Nice pup, be interesting to see how he turns out ATB
  7. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    Yes He is fast enough butty, ATB.
  8. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    About 7 butty ATB
  9. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    No butty I don't, and cheers. He is halfx not not firstx. ATB
  10. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    25-26tts butty. ATB.
  11. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    Young dog, halfx about 13 months ATB
  12. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    Good and bad just as any breed, you do hear a lot of Lurchers with wheaten and a lot of various other breeds mixed in, I don't see them as wheatenx'es,.if you have one that is bread right and not bread by any old wheaten just because it's a wheaten. They are as good as any other, can be sticky with strange people and other dogs, Wouldn't be a wheatenx if they weren't lol. ATB.
  13. spanielsandhawks

    Saluki X Wheaten Grey

    Funny enough I had a conversation with a good mate the other day about wheatenxsaluki, Wheaten Greyhound's are funny fkers (I find) not everyone's cup of tea but I like them. Be interesting to see a picture of the young dog and how it turns out at the end of its first season. Keep us posted ATB
  14. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaten Cross