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  1. spanielsandhawks

    Lamp/Light Question

    Pictures were taken for memories, not testing the lamp. my lamp was a lot tighter, her was opened slightly and variable, not sure if she had it full on? but a reference for the lad that asked. Its all i need ATB
  2. spanielsandhawks

    Lamp/Light Question

  3. spanielsandhawks

    Lamp/Light Question

    i have 2 140s with 100 watt bulb for this season, tried it out last weekend with no issues, nice long tight beam. As far as over heating I'm not that lamp happy but my daughter had her's on most the night being her first ever time out on a lamp and no issues with the lamp ATB
  4. spanielsandhawks

    First cross wheaten greyhound

  5. spanielsandhawks

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    first x
  6. spanielsandhawks

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    Half cross
  7. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Why don’t you put a good seasoned halfx wheaten over your halfx bitch instead, I find halfx to halfx are much better than firstx. Just a thought ATB
  8. spanielsandhawks

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Totally agree, a good young dog WILL learn. ATB
  9. spanielsandhawks

    Lets see some wheaton xs

  10. spanielsandhawks

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    All halfx wheaten/grey ATB
  11. spanielsandhawks

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    Some cracking dogs on this thread
  12. spanielsandhawks

    This year's runners

  13. spanielsandhawks

    great walk in the woods

    Bird, impressive looking animal that buck when I seen him in the flesh a few weeks back, pictures of that dog don’t do him justice, wouldn’t you rather put him back to something smaller and lighter to keep something going from him ATB
  14. spanielsandhawks


    I had an halfx that caught a lot of them on the lamp but couldn’t put a bend on one in the day. As for running them Salukis in the daytime in this heat!!! Don’t they run in the desert in 40+ degrees!!!!!! Not that I agree on running anything this time of year... But wonder what others think with the heat and Salukis ???? A lot are imported from the Arabs/desert are they not?. ATB
  15. spanielsandhawks

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    Bill hardy page 1. ATB.