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  1. hey what colour is it? whats its temperment like
  2. my first ever cross is my first cross saluki greyhound , and shes the bomb :]
  3. travel sickness on the way :(

  4. get a pic of the dog up out them will do , back from germany sunday will get pics monday tuesday someone must have on this forum they went all over the uk to working homes where are ya !
  5. really ? lol i cant stress enough how amazing mine is i dont believe ya
  6. they do and the pup i kept back is absolutely on the ball shes incredible stopped coming on this site as there were a few dogie folk .... but just wondered if any one who has one is on the forum to see how there doing as mines just so amazing im so so so happy with her . good lines in the dogs so i knew she'd be good but shes just the best . anyone out there with one from a sire with cruise lines and a racing bitch from a raciing kennel in haydock its properly from these lovely folk :] and let me know how your getting on atb
  7. heya just wondering if any one on here had a pup from our litter last 2009 of first cross saluki greyhound and how there getting on cheerssss
  8. for the last ones , there 8wks now , have to have them gone by 9wks so yeh to good working homes selling them at £100 now black n white bitch and both the brindle and white dogs
  9. last 3 pups , 2 dogs and 1 bitch £150 8weeks old now 07792559389 from healthy litter of 9 black n white bitch £150 and both the brindle and white dogs £150 in cheshire , will travel to reasonable distance to meet people thanks
  10. the black and white dog and brown bitch are avaible and these 2 dogs and one brown brindle dog with a white chest 7weeks old last pups from a healthy litter of 9 07887841788
  11. due to time waster black and white dog still here , pups need to be gone by the weekend , dogs £150 bitches £200 have the white dogs with brindle patches still and the black n white dog due to time waster and a white and black patched bitch and 1 brindle bitch cheersssssss no time wasterrsss please
  12. thanks guys :)the brindle dog is now sold
  13. lol you welcome to come along the more to push me out the better haha
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