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  1. I like this comment ...fecking classic
  2. That black and tan one is a stunning looking animal ....good luck with the sale
  3. Some nice dogs on here , thanks for the pictures everyone .
  4. Anyone got some pics of a bull / whippet / greyhound ?? I would like to see some
  5. Big names on breeding of pups always results in arguments on thl... True fact ..... Good luck with your sale
  6. Thanks for the replies ...I'm doing a bit of market research before I committ to buying a pup
  7. Look through some of the older threads on that subject on here,saves the bickering. most of them are out dated and the rest have no pictures
  8. Can we see some pics of David platts dogs ..or rather dogs that have come from his kennels
  9. my dog was sired by Chris's "Mac" to his half sister , an accidental mating ..the dog is 4 year old now ...tbh I been out of the game for 3 years so my dog not had fair chance to do much but this season I'm back on form ....I bought my dog from a fella up north "Shepard" on thl I think he was called ....at the time dotty doo was involved in a conversation about the Kerry blue blood ...I spoke to Chris on the phone he told me about the stud dog 3/4 grey 1/4 Kerry blue and that he found out it was a Kerry blue after using it ..this Kerry blue sired my dogs mother ..so my dog has 1/16 Kerry blue
  10. I just found an old thread but can't repost it ....Chris himself says to dotty that there is Kerry blue in Dotty's bitch ....5/8 greyhound 2/8 Wheaton 1/8 Kerry blue ...... My dog is from the same litter I do believe
  11. ...I can't remember the full story but the general just of it was Chris had used a stud dog from elsewhere and was told it was a Wheaton x but it turned out to be a 1/4 Kerry blue
  12. otter


    Doorman's sia badge covers both factory etc and pub/club doors
  13. I seem to remember a conversation on here a few years back that stated a bit of Kerry blue in the mix ....I think dotty was involved in that topic , his bitch has a bit of Kerry blue ???
  14. What dog would you use to breed a litter rabbiting man
  15. How tall are the sire and dam and where about are you
  16. Has anyone got a phone number for David platts ??
  17. the vale of rheidol pub opposite the train station has the rugby on a big screen so does the castle pub and the inn on the pier .... i think the inn on the pier is the most popular ..... the pubs at the top of town can be a bit lerry on the weekends at night ...... plenty of street cameras for big brother to watch you every street wide enough to take 2 cars has a camera ..... what a fantastic place ........... personally i live way out in the sticks .......... if you fancy a bit of lake fishing check out the BP garage at Ponterwyd , for about 24 quid you get a day ticket to fish a local lake s
  18. are there any litters of minshaw pups for sale ???? pm if you prefer
  19. you do like to make a sale or two don't you
  20. good thread lads keep it going
  21. that is a serious claim to make ....????
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