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  1. mk 3 lacater with collar all in working order twin bow back ferret box and ten hand made nets all double knotted green with yellow cord larger then the norn nearly new. collar comes with new pack of batteries. selling all my ferrets so the items are no longer needed. please call me for any info can post for £12. and i do take pay pal...or you can collect..£130.for the lot.....
  3. bsa super 10 for sale or swap serviced 13 months ago comes with moderator scopes gun slip and a tin of pellets,1.77 great rabbit killer willing to do a swap for a dive bottle nd a bit of cash with long test or a mk3 ferret finder with two collars or £250 cash
  4. thats fine pal you will just need the other sides to go with it
  5. you wait till i see ya im going to give hideing lol
  6. 3 month old kennel and run cost £1800 new 10 ft x 7 ft x 7 ft high.calacaded floor through out.double skinned inside the kennel. strong presure treated pine with a galv steel souround.sliding calacaded door to access internel kennel . just do not relistickly have the room for it.around the hole kennel ther is galv weather veining to stop any capilary action.lockable doors. now i am prepared to do a deal for a good pcp air rifle with all the bits like scope bi-pod bottle the lot or i will sell for £500 cash.sorry the pic is not the best and ther is only one cant work this thing out .....hunt
  7. you do get some f*****g pricks on her sounds like you are a prick with nothing better to do as well .lable me as you wish but a dog peddler is not one of my fortaes if i can help a few mates and list there dogs to get a good home for them then i will .
  8. you always get a doppy fecker like you on a forum you no nothing twat who want to create do one
  9. if you look at the threads you will see only two have been mine the rest have been for friends but you all ready know that you clever little sausage...
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