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  1. campaign group Viva! has slammed Lidl for selling the meat. Campaigns manager Justin Kerswell told trade magazine The Grocer: 'Lidl is destroying the magic of Christmas by selling dead reindeer ... I wonder if KFC will destroy the magic of easter by selling dead chickens?!.
  2. Dinosaurs Gay Maybe that's why they became extinct
  3. kenny14


    6 years! According to this 2 hours should've been enough : Tortoise Shell and Chicken Bone Soup with Walnut Kernels Ingredients Tortoiseshell 30g, shin bone of black chicken 2, walnut kernels 10, salt to taste. Preparation 1. Crack the tortoiseshell and chicken bones, and place in a pot with an adequate amount of water. Stew over a low fire for approximately 2 hours. 2. Add the walnut kernels and salt and continue to stew until the walnut kernels become soft. Add more salt to taste and serve.
  4. bad weather over the summer - maybe the shooters didn't want to go out in the rain delay the start until after the Olympics and Paralympics - were any of the cull areas near the olympic stadium? Just another load of complete bull intended to confuse, and hide the real reasons.
  5. A Fox biting someone? yes possible, but personally I think he's full of shit. It's not as good as some stories I've been told by fishermen - Otters are stalking us, watching from the reeds, waiting for the opportunity to carry off a child.......We should be able to shoot them all now before it's too late
  6. It looks worse than it probably is. follow whippet 99's advice and it should be ok soon. Barbed wire's an occupational hazard I'm afraid. I've lost count of the injuries my Dogs have suffered on wire over the years, and I've had two killed on it. I hate the stuff.
  7. In many cases a big stick and the freedom to use it would be better! Like you, I find it hard to believe too, but we'll hopefully find out.
  8. Lead acid batteries don't develop any memory effect. It's liable to be a short circuit or a faulty battery.
  9. The species of elk you were thinking of is grey....with a trunk. That's a tree you're thinking of ................... And it's spelled with an M not a f***ing K
  10. That sounds a very gay colour
  11. Denmark and Elk were my two, so I'm OK .......................................What colour's an Elk?
  12. i have purchased two off flea-bay and at £120 each they are good from the results so far , get the latest ones that dont give out any infra red that can be detected by animals , both two legged and four legged i also went for a walk with the night vision and could not even spot where they were placed with that so there is definately no glow from the flash Those cameras will give out infra red, but it'll be invisible to humans, and the reason you couldn't see the glow with your NV will be because the camera IR is a different wavelength than the NV is capable of detecting. If you check the
  13. No, it didn't look both ways before crossing
  14. That's very true cookie . And even the animals that are considered native have, over time adapted to the changes that man has brought about.
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