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  1. I have seen his video's before and cannot fault him I am glad he said that the bedbugs at the united nation hotel will leave of their own accord , wouldn't want the RSPCA up in arms
  2. suit someone retired who is still active , I have a caravan in the wash area of Lincolnshire so accommodation is no problem and am wanting a partner to accompany me wildfowling and is willing to turn up for a few days at a time punting and shooting from a boat , I have all equipment if anyone replies and is genuinely interested please reply by PM with A LANDLINE NUMBER or I will not consider your enquiry thank you
  3. like I have already said ,"she sat on her best asset" she seen what it did to her mother Sir Bob had played the "recreational thing" I don't believe anyone in that twisted family is fit to have children let alone look after them because without doubt they would have been packed off to boarding school while the poor kids heads were a mess and the cycle will continue
  4. I know it is hard to believe that our boys in blue could even contemplate not reporting/logging crime figures but it seems common place the police have been an over paid for years and in real terms there numbers are less now but ffs you never see one unless it is for a heinous traffic offence seems even the fecking police are on a nation wide fiddle now
  5. I hope that company goes bankrupt and I wonder if in a couple of years time when profits are down people remember what went on
  6. only if she had a pulse and was above ground lol
  7. I wonder if Bob will start banging on now about children in need ?
  8. the bitch used to sit on her best assets and knowing how her mother died she should have known better and now leaves another generation to do the same had everything and got nothing f uck her I have no sympathy
  9. UKIP or BNP either one because we are rapidly loosing control
  10. as for the twat who murdered and raped an 11 month old baby I would be a little more imaginative sentenced to life in a womens prison
  11. I just see it for exactly what it was !,...............permanently rehabilitated ,guaranteed never to offend again now wheres the sympathy drawer ?
  12. wasted by two pieces of imported $hit who were never thankfull to the country that gave them a home and refuge and allowed themselves to be influenced by other alien lumps of $hit lets hope the euro elections are a rallying call and a wake up call and his death is remembered at the ballot boxes all over our country
  13. kruby01 , a chance for you to score highly do what your planning and raise the money for what is a very warm heartfelt need to help others and I admire you for that get the publicity not for your self, but for your concern and motivation, and if the media are present just mention without malice that the money would be better used/distributed if it went to the royal british legion because of concerns over the salaries the officials are on at H4H , you will make lots of new friends and do more good
  14. unfortunately since Englands French wars things have been the same , the returning fleet from the battles of the Napolionic war was moored in the thames estuary and left to starve to death because the crown/country did not have the means to pay them or did not want to pay them fast forward to the early 20th centuary 1914-18 look how those poor sods were treated and remained traumatised the rest of there lives 1939-1945 same again 1950s korea ,..............yep same again it goes on and on and whatever political party is in power at the time nothing is ever done for our own people and we see all sorts of adverts telling and luring our young men and women into a PROFESSIONAL service for which they are just going to be shafted as soon as their usefulness is no longer required yet in any other job/industry that sort of employers attitude would certainly not be accepted and now we see those young professionals being made redundant while still serving in the field and the foocking cheeky government wanting to enlarge the TA army yep our boys get the $HIT END OF THE STICK
  15. the shame of the whole situation is NON OF OUR PEOPLE SHOULD BE THERE , the whole situation was a Tony Blair con he and his ar$eholing buddy George W Bush thought if they could tame the afgan cave men that the massive gas reserves in yet another muslim $hithole could be piped through Pakishittystan to benefit us (various governments officials even more so) but things back fired on our poor boys who are probably there because unfortunately they joined the armed forces for a job , getting injured & maimed means feck off your of no use now , give us a replacement that's the treatment our service personal get , shame that a big proportion of them end up like beggars on the streets and other having to raise funds when the c unt$ that sent them there seem very willing to forget
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