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  1. Legal in Northern ireland and Ireland
  2. Cheers for feedback I was for posting the battery back tomorrow lol
  3. Strange why would they make it like that? i emailed the company and they told me to send it back and ill get a new one i was for sending it back tomorrow lol
  4. received a new litium ion battery and the fuel gage has 5 l.e.d.s. charged it fully and only 3 lights are green and 2 are red. Are only 3 lights supposed to light up or is this faulty ?
  5. Anyone tryed these? durability ? comfort? any reviews
  6. Tryed signing it first time it never worked i never received an email you have to click on " not received your confirmation email? " and they will email you then you have to verify its you by clicking on a link so maby thats why there isnt a lot of signitures so if it hasnt worked try that.
  7. Get yourself a good working great dane mate
  8. Nice terriers mate nice to see borders for a change..how tough are the coons do they give much stick ?
  9. You had yours 2 years i had mine 2 months lol just charge both the batterys up with car charger wastes money and time to send away
  10. Iv tryed everything deben send to send it back for tests i used this say 20 times with no problems lasts all night..charging the batterys with motorbike battery charger here so think it will be the charger thats the problem if they both charge up.
  11. Has anyone else had this problem with the charger flashing red and green have to send the package away but willl take a week or 2
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