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  1. well great news after 4 weeks in hospital am getting out tomorrow ye ha

    1. Astanley


      Get well soon mate

  2. well still in hospital only went in for hip replacement and 3 weeks later still in got out and it discolated 2 got put back in then they decide it was wrong size so another op then let home only to get phone call tell me i had infection so back in and prob be in for anothe 3 weeks 6 weeks in all for a 4 day op

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    2. pip1968


      hip hip hooray bet your feeling down in the dumps dont worry though pips here to cheer you up lol

    3. dytkos


      Hope your sorted soon matey

    4. albert64


      ffs pip don't you think he's going through enough......lol

  3. i have 4 whippets I race them in summer and work them in winter great dogs I tell you this they will surprise you what they can do try get something way strike when iron is hot in it and look for one,s way coursing line,s in it
  4. would like try for the whippet one but here in Scotland there is never any place,s for them at the lurcher shows pity as there are a few about some pep don't no how good these we dogs are and if there is space at the shows they through them in the rabbit class way lurchers very unfair seen it happen
  5. never had any probs with keeping my whippets in kennel way any other dogs they are just so easy to get on way
  6. my sons has just ran out so if he joins today it will be for £26 for a year ?
  7. anybody help in getting some of these
  8. Well that's this season fecked for me as I have to go into hospital for a hip replacement so be nice and easy for me for few months
  9. this game fair has been going down hill for years waste of money
  10. wanted set of clippers that can do a beddie,s coat cheap ones don't do it
  11. who the best insurance
  12. well up here in Scotland I would say the one in callander is the best then one in Lanark
  13. up here scotland a bit diffrent they always come way police and a warrant
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