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  1. he couldn't beat Hughie fury mate, who at best is an average blown up cruiser weight, I admire JP for where he has got himself too, but I think the end of the road is nigh, punchers chance at best and from his last few fights stepping slightly up the level the big punch seems to have eluded him, h has done very little effective work on last couple of opponents imho, he chased shadows with fury, but should of pinned him down and smashed him, when you failing to ko lighter less skilled options your running out of tricks , think he ould of done with fighting say Dillian whyte or so ebody further
  2. he couldnt fight a younger klit and I doubt Tyson Fury could of either, he couldn't even defend his title , and he aint back yet either lol so that's a non starter , I know Wilder aint been in with anyone in the class of klitscho , AJ v WIlder we know soon enough cos its gunna happen,
  3. never been a fan of wilder , technically he is awful, he does like anyone at the given weight have the punchers chance, happened to lennox lewis cant everbe ruled out, but for me AJ has far too much for wilder imho, wilder aint been hit as hard as AJ gunna hit him, he struggled with Ortiz and needed helping out , Ortiz didn't get the same Grace earlier in the fight, for me a younger Ortiz would of beaten Wilder all day long ,
  4. nice lad and a very good boxer too, hope he enjoys his retirement, bi surprised thought h would of been back lot of money to be made
  5. the two scoops of kibble and tin of dog meat is a give away, no brand mentioned for the kibble so I will assume its a cheap one so no real nutrition for a working dog sae with the tinned meat 60% water rest generally rubbish, its a diet problem mate, you got a working dog on a diet that's not likely fit for a pet dog , maybe try grain free kibble or raw feeding
  6. Democracy is just an illusion, the country voted against its real leaders wishes and spoiled it for many people who are in the systems, 'get out of jail free card' 'free ride forever' 'pass the buck the Europe express ' , Likely they thought that they would swing the vote narrowly their way and get the result that suited their eventual aims and agenda, which lets face it when you own and run all three or four horses in the race then likely you should win, however for once just once the people managed to speak and say what they as a majority wanted, which was out, narrowly as you like but out
  7. good do that makings of a very tidy thing there id say, nice sized pest as well
  8. think whichever way you feed be it 100% meat , kibble or mix of both consistency is the key to it, how ever it pays to feed the very best consistent diet that you can afford
  9. you tried infusing into Nutella mate its lovely lol I like doing green fudge as well, smacks your arse on an empty stomach
  10. and puts you squarely in the frame when they allow whole plant production, I like it I like it CBD market is really interesting over last few years ,, bet its been a real blast lol
  11. he still kicking your arse all over the shop eh lmao fair play for giving him the chance though
  12. old dog new tricks eh good luck and enjoy your break too
  13. never had any chew with cannabutter, mind it affects different people due to constitutions etc
  14. went last year too see a grow room down country and its was next level, like noting ive seen here before, am pretty sure its been built with legislation in mind and fair play too em, its great too see just how things have developed since back in the day, tents made of black n white taped together metal halide sodium ebb n flow NFT all stashed n rigged up in terraced n council house lofts lmao , the great thing about weed is the sheer size and depth of the market on so many levels its mad its been kept away from society for so long, but I think we need it back on so many levels its unreal, heal
  15. all them plants and no THC , its not natural lmao
  16. some good reading on this post and shows the insight some have into these complex or simple marmite hounds, I always look at it like this we needed the saluki far more than the saluki ever needed us, we bred to get him and have too take him for what he actually is not what we would like him to be , he is there to catch what should into really be able to be caught, every run on his primary quarry was initially life or death for his owner and maybe even himself, maybe all them years and the appreciation he gleaned and the learning bred worker to worker gave enough to give them the ultimate balan
  17. I get aches across me shoulders and use the coconut oil preparation as a rub it has a nice soothing effect , found it helps with migraine to rubbed on fore head
  18. sometimes you just have too firmly push for what you believe to be right and right for the times we are living in , these lads deserve a medal for the model they have delivered, I'm pretty sure the jermey kyle part is featured on tv pretty soon
  19. Diaz mma use weed to relive fight pain, rubs likely help at a guess certainly wouldn't cause harm,
  20. id be looking at what the long term effects of consuming them would be in first instance,
  21. its not the miracle some think , most suffering try it far to late, there systems are dry of it and never really stood a chance, prior to the ban people had tinctures or weed and ingested as when they saw fit and it helps to ingest micro amounts which don't really affect you high wise daily to help maintain a clean system, but as said most come running when they real ill and already under failing treatment regimes, they then need RSO type extract high potency and they take the real small grain micro doses which can make people feel hih cos of the sheer strength of preparation, but even too muc
  22. you could make half your weed into medicine to help your ailments and get shot of the fake junior NHS smack painkiller, weed has a lot more too offer than the high from smoking, although that's medicinal in itself too, with all the information floating about these days I'm surprised as many people have the morals too stick too what they are told by ze law, bearing in mind that the very smae people forbidding you proper natural effective medication that could prevent in the first instance many common ailments long before they start to cause erosion of your body allowing the big guns illnes
  23. what she needs then is something that gives plenty of benefits with positive side effects , think a lot of synthetics medication is copied from mother natures many greats, but fails to be what the original is ,
  24. Got jabbed with it once fir cracked ribs n handed box to go , nearly git ran over outside the hospital hit me like a train , bad stuff never touched it since
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