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  1. Im wanting a new box for the back of my l200. However spending of upwards of £400 on one isn't an option. I could make one myself but I wouldn't want it to look cheap and homemade! So anyone know of reasonably priced ones to look at or ideas for me to make my own. Big enough for a cocker and a labrador. Sam
  2. Same has happened with my hoggs moleskins. Stiching coming undone all over the place. Not impressed at all with them.
  3. Cheers for the tips. Latest is i took her to a vet recomended by a shooting pal of mine and they're happy to dock her. Waiting on them to ring me tomorrow to tell me how much it will be but he reckoned absolute max would be £300. So its better than the first place. Before anyone thinks i put money ahead of the welfare of my dog, i dont. She wants for nothing. But the first vets were just rip off merchants!
  4. Excellent dogs and good prices, wish the timing was different or I'd have one for sure. All the best with them though
  5. bet he don't work his two tho.. just seams to look as if he works them.. plenty people say they work their dog and and bet half them don't even walk them! His dogs are worked, I wouldn't have got the pup otherwise. But I wouldn't get another one with a full tail.
  6. Very nice. Got any sold already?
  7. I took her to my vets and they were happy to amputate her tail...but the price was 430quid! A lot of money to justify spending.
  8. I wanted her to be docked but the breeder said he'd never had a problem with his 2 cockers with full tails so he didnt bother I wouldnt have another spaniel unless its been docked. The cost doesnt matter to me, she's becoming a good worker and she'll be worked a lot so i'd rather get her docked and be done with it. Now just need to find a vet thats willing.
  9. As an update, didnt really get far with going down the keepering route as I've got myself a job as an oak framer. Theres four of us and we're building a church from green oak Nice unusual job i know! But thanks to all who replied or sent pm's. Really appreciate it, thanks
  10. Hi all, My little cocker Tilly has a full tail (due to a lazy breeder really even if he is my best mate...) Shes 14 months now and all pretty much all trained up and shes out with me either training or dogging in every night. Trouble is a couple of weeks back she cut her tail when working a hedge, i kept cleaning it and not letting her lick it but its not healing up because when she wags her tail and hits it on things it just starts bleeding again. Its not a huge cut but is annoying as it flicks blood around a bit sometimes. Cant bandage it, she'd just pull it off. Any ideas? Or anyone know a vet that would dock her to prevent repeat injuries? i know this is incredibly unlikely that any vet would due to her age.
  11. Did any watch the 'gun dog' judging at crufts on tv last night??
  12. My beretta a303 is good low recoil. But obviously depends on what carts youre using. Some have more felt recoil then others obviously.
  13. Steer well clear of X-Trails!
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