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  1. Great thread and great pics thanks for sharing.
  2. Daytime spotting with the thermal as well expensive but worth it for “tricky” areas.
  3. Nice job, how long do you have to season the wood?
  4. Working terrier/working terrier and the running dog magazineI need issues 3 and 17 to complete the collection Will buy collections as well please PM
  5. Now that's what I call an absolutely cracking pup!! Little belter!
  6. Those cctv pictures make me feel physically sick A Dogmans worst nightmare i hope John gets his dogs back Cnuts
  7. Treat for 6 minutes twice a day less if close to bone
  8. Treat for 6 minutes twice a day less if close to bone
  9. For most things 1.5-1.8w if your near bone though 1w or less
  10. Best if you wet the area as well before applying the gel Be careful close to bone no more than 1w, 3-4 mins Always leave 4hrs between treatments They are good tools on muscle repair imho Some prefer to laser as they say that lasers only reduce swelling dont Actually help repair muscle like ultrasound do
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