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  1. One fish that has been on my bucket list to catch is the Tiger Trout, ever since i found out there supposed to be some in a small river near me, three two hour sessions and no tiger trout, from this small river i managed to catch 4 roach.......on lures......even a spoon!!! i made it my mission now to find and catch one either way , doesnt matter where from, so i put the feelers out and soon a guy gave me a location of a reservoir with pictures of his catches, this morning saw me up and out at 4am for the two hour drive, donning my waders and rod i started to send my lures in all dir
  2. these so far are all wild from brooks, streams and rivers, not hit the ressies yet
  3. nothing beats being balls deep in trout
  4. half or 3/4 open roof is good for your bird mate, as long as he got a perch to sit in the sun and a perch to get in the shade you'll be fine
  5. PR goshawks benefit being in total seclusion when free lofted, with a peep hole so you can check on them,
  6. imprint or PR?? might be worth reducing the food a little
  7. just a selection of some of the trout ive had so far this season, all taken on lures,
  8. just a few random ones ive picked out,
  9. just hang in there sean, here we've been lucky to dodge most of it, hopefully it should sort its self pretty soon
  10. feisty rabbit that one there lol
  11. had a few rest days this week due to weather and other commitments, but yesterday went a place we aint been for a while and bagged a rabbit on the second slip, fed my bird up on that note as its not the best place for rabbits, been sorting out new laptop as my lastone couldn't cope with me anymore!!!!lol
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