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  1. Headshot08

    Ferret Permission,but Needing Ferrets..ect..

    Where are you fox tails?
  2. Headshot08

    Syndicate Shoott Shropshire

    Slipper I think our shoot is looking for beaters, great bunch and the dog will love it. Message me if you're interested
  3. Headshot08

    Deerhound Pup Update

    Same boat as me BONGO.
  4. Headshot08

    Lurcher Pups

    Pm sent deer dogs. Regards
  5. Headshot08

    Fox Trap

    Any updates?
  6. Headshot08

    Large Chest Freezer

    Any pictures?
  7. Headshot08

    Syndicate Shoott Shropshire

    Good luck with this one mate, I've been beating locally four seasons and have asked and asked. They're like hens teeth.
  8. Headshot08

    Upcoming Litters

    I did message him on Facebook but I really fancied the bitch pup he had! Haven't forgotten how nice they were. Exceptionally well bred, just looking what else is around. Cheers
  9. Headshot08

    Upcoming Litters

    Good morning guys, Its come to that time where I need to look at retiring my lurcher. This will be her 8th season and she has been tested in all areas. I am looking at what current or upcoming litters there areat the moment. The only problem is imI'm not entirely sure what cross I'm going to go for. I would like to see what's available and make the decision from there. I'm not fussed on price or location, I will travel the country for the right dog. Kind regards Steven
  10. Headshot08

    Any Decent Bull X Greyhound Litters About

    I'd also be interested in a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull litter!!
  11. Headshot08

    Romeo Bred Pups

    My god I'm tempted!!!
  12. Headshot08


    Can you not go out with someone that you have done all the other past times with? Wouldn't have thought it would be that difficult to secure some ferreting? Unless that is people are worried about showing you around their permission? All the best.
  13. Headshot08

    Men's Hunter Wellies Size 12

    Can you send me some pictures mate and information? Cheers
  14. Headshot08

    Sub Contract Tree Climber

    Wish this was closer
  15. Headshot08

    Anyone/anywhere Repairs Mk3 Ferret Finders????

    Thanks The One. I will put the word out. Out of interest does anyone know how much deben charge? Haven't read very positive feedback about their customer service.