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  1. Syndicate places are starting to be snapped up do not hesitate to contact me or the page for more details. Brand new pens being built and game covers going in, promises to be a great syndicate. Thanks
  2. Hi pal. A friend of mine has mate and il be helping him out. Hope your all well mate
  3. https://www.(!64.56:886/Sibdonshoot/?ref=ts&fref=ts&__nodl hi spaces available on the above shoot please check out the facebook page and message it for more details, in brief 9 guns shooting 6 days 125-150ish birds per day with full hospitality. Also taking bookings for teams of guns for 1 off days thanks
  4. stokefan

    Out With The Pup

    Hi LurcherLad94 im quite local to you, have sent you a pm cheers
  5. HI there im interested in joining a syndicate next year (2016) im based in south shropshire many thanks
  6. stokefan

    Rizzini 12 Gauge

  7. stokefan

    Rizzini 12 Gauge

    Hi there I have for sale my Rizzini 12 gauge over and under multi choke songle trigger ejector. Does only come with the two chokes. Tidy little gun but blueing on barrel is starting to fade hence £300ovno price tag. Can email or text pictures
  8. stokefan

    **aya No 3**

    Can email pictures!
  9. stokefan

    **aya No 3**

    For sale my great little aya s/s good solid gun all in working order. Ideal first person gun or rough shooter. Pref face to face but will post rfd at buyers cost. Located near shrewsbury shropshire £160 Ono
  10. stokefan

    Pups And Youngens For Next Season

    Heres my new pup for next season!
  11. stokefan

    Getting A Pup To Chase

    Haha luckily I've got a friend who's got a small flock so will be going around there very very soon, thanks again
  12. stokefan

    Getting A Pup To Chase

    Thanks raw I will do this. I think he's more a submissive pup so shouldn't be to hard. Thanks again there are some good blokes on here
  13. stokefan

    Getting A Pup To Chase

    Thanks jack really appreciate it
  14. stokefan

    Getting A Pup To Chase

    Thanks all. I wasn't worrying to much but just thought its a pups instinct to chase and play. His sitting and staying Is comeing on very well considering I've only had him 2 weeks this Saturday. Stock breaking is the next job any tips on that esp sheep?