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  1. He's a credit to you Bolty.
  2. Hi Bolty, pic of Jack 12 years in May. Fit as a fiddle. Darren.
  3. Jack is a credit to you Bolty, a true dog man, glad to have met you.
  4. Jack, 10 year old now.
  5. Shot both before buying, preferred the Sako so thats the one I went with.
  6. Sako 75, I have one and love it, SS laminate varmint in .308 topped with Swaro scope and S5 mod. Very accurate, well built, top factory rifle.
  7. I agree, I experimented with 50g BB's on clays, imp cyl out of a Beretta semi, suprised myself.
  8. Are you taking the piss, Alli just go with the 22/250 it's already on your FAC, but apply for a moderator.
  9. http://www.exteriorballistics.com/ebexplained/5th/221.cfm http://www.jbmballis...s/secdens.shtml Sectional density (SD) is the numerical result of a calculation that compares a bullet's weight to its diameter. To calculate a bullet's sectional density divide the bullet's weight (in pounds) by its diameter (in inches), squared. The higher the SD number the better the SD, and the heavier a bullet is in proportion to its diameter. Ref (The Sectional Density of Rifle Bullets) By Chuck Hawks
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