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  1. doddsy1970

    First Shotgun

    The gun to choose is the one that feels "right".... With your budget you could buy the gun of choice and have enough left over for a cheap semi auto
  2. doddsy1970

    Firearms Licence Change

    the mentor condition is a guideline not a lawful requirement as such each force will use it or not dependant on circumstances Mentoring is not either a home office or ACPO guideline.....
  3. doddsy1970

    Anyone Help Identify This

    I wouldnt use sandpaper... I would use wire wool....
  4. doddsy1970

    Anyone Help Identify This

    i have had a look through a few books and it is possibly an American Gun Company sbs.
  5. doddsy1970

    Just Had My Fac Interview

    firstly congratulations on getting your FAC. My thoughts were, if he didnt think that you were experienced enough. Why didnt he put mentoring conditions on your license? Secondly the ricochet excuse is in my mind is a load of bollocks because as previously stated, if there is no safe backstop then the shot should not be taken. I love the 22 rimmy but because of the ricochet problems i believe it to be one of the most dangerous rounds in respect of its unpredictability. On more than one occasion i have had a round go through a rabbit and bounce and I use winchester subs. I have never had a 17 bullet ever do that although on the very odd occasion i have had a ricochet. Im sure you will get your hmr in the future but in the mean time just double check where your bullet has the possibility of landing and be safe.
  6. doddsy1970

    Rimfire info

    I do llke the CZ's but my personal personal preference is the Ruger 10/22 and Anshultz in 17hmr.
  7. doddsy1970

    Too Old?

    Im 42 years old and regret not doing a game keeping course when I was younger. My advice is follow your heart and do something that you will enjoy because if you don't you will only regret it later down the line....... Good luck with what ever you decide.
  8. doddsy1970

    Swarovski Habicht Nova 8x56

    Thanks :laugh:
  9. I have this scope for sale but dont know how much t is worth. Has anyone any ideas?
  10. doddsy1970

    cz .22 rifle

    Your only choice is an air rifle...... You cannot/should not be using live rounds in any enclosed space because of the danger of ricochets.
  11. doddsy1970


    Has someone been watching Sons Of Guns?
  12. doddsy1970

    Picking up Money

    As Mooch has said it is not about the money. If it were then there would be very few pickers up or even beaters. I prefer to work my dog than to shoot pheasants and would do it for nothing if it was a choice between working he dog or not working him....... oh and I get paid £20 on a 100 bird shoot and £30 on a 200 +
  13. doddsy1970

    Bolt Action or Semi

    My personal preference is the semi automatic. As previously said, yes they are noisier because of the action slamming backwards and forwards when it ejects but the noise is negligible and i haven't noticed it disturbing the rabbits. With regards to accuracy....... I don't dispute that when shooting at 200yds+ that this could be an issue but the ranges for which the 22 is used, there should not be an issue with accuracy. if you have alot of rabbits on the ground then the speed and shot capacity of the semi auto is a bonus. With regards to jamming. If you keep your magazines free from dirt by cleaning them regularly then you should have no problems at all. I have a ruger 10/22 and t takes minutes to strip and clean the magazines on them. This is just my opinion and choice is down to personal preference. All i would advise is see if you can shoot them both before deciding.
  14. doddsy1970

    notification from police

    Herts and Beds do not send our reminders anymore. They say that it should be the responsibility of the license holder to know when their license is up for renewal and to allow enough time to receive it. I recently did a change of address on line and received my updated licences in 2 days. The licence length is 5 years for both SGC and FAC.
  15. The changing from a target FAC to a sporting FAC may require a varition if you require expanding ammuntion. Expanding ammunition will not be granted for target shooting, so you will be limited to solid bullets only and shooting solids at rabbits is just asking for the bullet to pass through the quarry and then ricochet.