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  1. I have been told my number has been put on here relating to an ad for lurchers so I thought I would come on and clear things up. I do not have a litter of lurcher pups for sale, never will have as I own one lurcher and have no intention of breeding from her. This thread is precisely the reason I do not come on here anymore and also why I only keep a very small group of friends in the hunting community. I keep a small pack of Sealyham terriers and sealyham crosses, I hunt them in mid wales to rabbits and rats. I do not go on forums and keep myself to myself. I have had a few people contact me saying my number is on an ad for lurcher pups. This is down to a guy called Andrew Rees, this chap tried to buy a Sealyham x Russell bitch off me about 8 months ago. I didnt like him or the questions he was asking regarding how much he could get for pups and how soon he could breed from her. I refused to sell him the bitch and had a bit of an argument. Since then he has placed several ads with my number on them on various sites. I have had phone calls for cars, parrots, numerous dog, my small holding at a very low price and so on. This ad is one in a long line of ads. I have a text of a chap asking why the same picture was being used in two adverts, he never mentioned lurchers, I assumed that he was talking about an ad for working sealyhams that was running and also one for KC sealyams, both these ads would have the same picture on them as my dog was stud dog on both hence the same picture was on both ads and hence the reply to the text. The only time I bred a litter is if I have friends who want them, the working Sealyham litter was bred by me, 6 in a litter, 4 are being given to working homes and two dog pups were up for sale. These are now sold !! The KC litter my dog sired are due mid April and the owner of the bitch has been taking bookings for pups, again these are gone. Now while Mr Rees and his mates play these silly games ( I wouldn't be surprised if its him or his mates hiding behind made up names on this thread) I will get silly phone calls. To be honest I just red button numbers I don't know or if I do speak to people I politely explain the situation. The last litter I bred was 18 months ago and I have no plans to breed again until summer 2017 these pups will be for my own use and the remainder will be booked prior to the mating taking place. The dogs I keep were all European working importsthat cost me £1000s and anyone who knows me, usually from asking to use my dog as a stud, will know I am not into dogs for money as the stud is usually given free of charge providing the person is decent and the pups will be going to working homes, finally my name is John Harris, I do not hide behind made up names, my number is 07580212222 so if any of you have a question please give me a call, I wont bite your head off and if it involves improving the sealyham as a working breed I will talk to you all day. Please DO NOT call me if you want to buy a lurcher as they are not my thing!! Finally thanks to the people who do know me and are members on here who contacted me to tell me my details were being displayed on a public forum. Oh and I have never lived or have any ambition to live in Tredegar. I hope this clears up a few points for you. As for Mr Rees I expect that your on here having a laugh, keep at it matey I love getting the random calls !!!
  2. see if we can get a few of these arm chair hunters out from behind the lap top lol
  3. I will have one if you can contact me with details of how to pay you
  4. I have a friend in Boston near Lincs who has a problem with rats around chicken sheds. I have seen a video and she is over run as soon as she put food out they come out and eat it in broard daylight Its too far for me to travel but will be some good sport for someone living local to her PM me for details
  5. No problem mate she is there if you change your mind
  6. ive got a whippet bitch here mate, lovely dog good worker. I need her gone as we have moved to country and she is off hunting slightest chance she gets, I can let other dogs out around ground to exercise but have to keep her on lead, its doing my head in and hers
  7. Looking for space on local syndicate I'm living in Brecon but happy to travel 4x4 owner and happy to work
  8. Just moved to Brecon and lost my ferreting lamping partner. I've transport and permission If you are living in the area and fancy doing a bit give me a shout.
  9. Where are you I've just moved to Brecon. I've plenty of permission but my mate is working shifts now so can't go
  10. Where are you I've just moved to Brecon. I've plenty of permission but my mate is working shifts now so can't go
  11. Dogs look good on there dale fair play. Excellent hunters. I have a small pack I run with some kc sealyhams. Lovely bushing dogs I can't post pics I'm not that clever lol
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