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    New one on me

    Seen this a few times mostly with pheasants, their head gets caught in a forked branch on the way down and the weight and speed does the rest.
  2. ianm

    Is it necessary

    I haven't been able to buy them for a couple of years now. I have been using stock i bought a while ago although i did manage to buy a couple of hundred of someone who packed up recently. The people who import remington aren't bringing them in now which is a great pity.
  3. ianm

    Is it necessary

    Shooting greylags over stubble etc inland is not wildfowling!
  4. ianm

    Eley Pro Eco Wad

    Geoff Garrod the only keeper i know who spends more time pigeon shooting than f*****g Keepering, i'de sack the twat!
  5. ianm

    Many, many foxes.

    Good going! Either they are being dumped there as SD says or the ground hasn't been looked after for a while.
  6. ianm

    New Pup saluki x

    About forty years ago i gave my mum a fox cub that the terrier brought out of an earth and put into my hand. I couldn't weigh up why it hadn't killed it as it usually did, anyway i decided it had to live and took it home. I t hadn't opened it's eyes and my mum fed it on a bottle. After it weaned "Freddie" was fed on a diet of beef only. At about twelve months old she came home from work and found he couldn't use his back legs so took him to the vet's. After examining him he said it was a mineral and vitamin deficiency due to diet. He asked what she fed the dogs on and when she said tripe he told her to put the fox on that too. He gave him an injection and he was back on his feet in hours. She fed him a diet of tripe thereafter and he was always in good health with a shiny coat.
  7. ianm

    New Pup saluki x

    That is a disgrace! Whoever let a pup go in that condition should not own a dog. See if you can get some Benzyl benzoate from a chemist and rub that on, i wouldn't wait till Monday.
  8. ianm

    2 charlies

    That is an unusually large brush.
  9. ianm

    "I'll be back".

    Decent sized dog fox that. Good shooting!
  10. ianm

    Out with robin foxer

    My mate did the old driving whilst spotting routine, unfortunately he drove off the track down a fifteen foot embankment. Luckily he had the presence of mind to turn into the way the motor was going or he would have rolled it.
  11. ianm

    Is it necessary

    Not true! The Remington sportsman 3 1/2" i use are doing 1550fps.
  12. ianm

    Testing times!

    If i had missed one i would of packed up and gone home, then spent the next day trying to sort out what went wrong. Two misses would have left me suicidal which is why i would of gone home.
  13. ianm

    Out with robin foxer

    It didn't help any the fact i wear glasses , trying to line two eyes up to get it to focus as opposed to one was a ball ache to be honest.
  14. ianm

    Out with robin foxer

    Funnily enough i tried a mates accolade last night and was very underwhelmed. I didn't like it at all having to use two hands instead of one. I much prefer my helion XQ50, but each to their own.
  15. ianm

    Child’s shotgun

    I wish you luck with it for the lad. My local gunshop bought a load of Kofs in various calibres (but not 28 gauge). A lot of lads in my game syndicate bought 410s from him because we have a charity 410 day every year. The proceeds of which go to a local kids hospice. It's a couple of grand each year. Unfortunately most had missfire problems, which was resolved by shortening the firing pin spring, this was only on 410 variants by the way. So if it starts playing up maybe suggest to the rfd a probable cause and fix.
  16. ianm

    The good news is.....

    Good going! I hate a miss, there has to be a full investigation for me straight away, ocd anyone?
  17. ianm

    Let this be a lesson

    It's because of insurance they charge so much. I would of super glued that cut.
  18. ianm

    Night vision??

    There are plenty of n/v devices supplied without i/r if you care to look. I don't know how to explain it to you any differently so that you understand. You are saying the same thing as i am that gen 3 doesn't need i/r because it intensifies any available light . Your Archer is gen 3 and you have already stated it works when others need i/r although you haven't said what you have compared it to. Either way i can't be bothered anymore.
  19. ianm

    Night vision??

    Where have i said n/v can see in complete darkness? What i am saying is proper gen 2+ and gen 3 DEDICATED do not need i/r to see a long way because they are very efficient at intensifying available light, ie starlight and moonlight. People use a little i/r at times to get eyeshine. Although i have a gen 2 tubed scope i wouldn't even consider using it these days, imho tubed gear has had it's day. It cannot be used in daylight or even twilight unlike the very best of the digital scopes which are far more versatile or even thermal scopes.
  20. ianm

    Night vision??

    I will absolutely guarantee you will not shoot a fox with a lamp up here after the daft cubs have been shot.
  21. ianm

    Night vision??

    I don't know what dedicated gen 2+ or gen 3 you have tried but what i do know is that the archer is the poorest of all. That is due to the old EEV tubes Starlight use in them. I have access to an Archer that has been retrofitted with a genuine mx101 american gen3 tube and it is still not as good as a pvs 14. Which in turn is not as good as a Cobra Centaur fitted with a gen 2+ photonis tube. If you own an archer that outperforms a dedicated gen 3 scope then keep it as it is the only one in the world.
  22. ianm

    Light , short mod for 243

    On the other hand if you run out of ammunition you can use it to hit a fox on the swede!
  23. ianm

    Light , short mod for 243

    They weigh a ton!
  24. ianm

    Which Calibre

    What's that saying again? Something about taking horses to water.