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  1. No rimfire is legal to shoot muntjac with. .22 centre fire is the minimum.
  2. To be honest i couldn't tell you in inches. The reticule on the Drone that i use is a tiny cross in the centre of the screen almost like a dot. I just see a sight picture that i am happy with and shoot, a bit random i know but it works for me.
  3. The farmer that myself and my mate shoot for asked if we could have a look at night over his newly planted lettuce. The hares are a real problem for him, they destroy vast amounts of his crops. We decided tonight would be a good time to have a look and so we went about 10,o,clock. Sure enough the hares had found them and where in the process of going down the rows and nipping the centre’s out. I had taken the ruger precision hmr for the job. It has a Drone prox10 on it and I used the Solaris SRX laser with it. The little hornady 17 grain v max’s did an excellent job on them. I managed to shoot
  4. The farmer was very happy that it had been removed. He said that whenever he has had serious damage done, it was always a small vixen like that one.
  5. Well another potential problem sorted last night. I have spotted a fox on the cameras on and off for a while at the game and sheep farm. It had a really peculiar pattern. It would turn up early hours of the morning between 3 and 5 . The following night between 9 and 12 then disappear for 5/6 nights. Anyway it hasn’t been around for 3 weeks but turned up last Friday early hours again. It also made an appearance early hours of Saturday morning. The farmer rang me to say he had smelled it around the duck, pheasant and partridge pens. I decided to go last night to see if it made an appearance. I t
  6. They where released nearby by a bloke that had a collection of different deer. He just opened the pen door and away they went about fifteen years ago. They are all over this area now having bred well over the years.
  7. It could of been but it looked like it had been knocked off to me. The spiker was really poor and has ended up being fox bait.
  8. Well my son and myself caught up with them tonight. There was sixteen does and four bucks. One spiker was in poor condition and was limping due to a badly damaged front foot. I think it might have been in a collision with a car. One of the other bucks had lost an antler probably due to the same thing. Anyway my son managed two and I accounted for the third. All three were neck shot so no meat damage.
  9. Farmer has just called me to have a thinning out session on the fallow. He is a bit peeved that he saw 27 on a 20acre field eating his silage. I will start with these three.
  10. I have absolutely no time for that hypocritical old twat Attenborough. He has spent decades globe trotting with a huge production team chatting shit about wildlife then has the temerity to lecture us on not travelling etc for the good of the planet. F**k him! The best way to leave the countryside in a good state for those that come after us is to leave the management of it to the people that (A) live in it and (B) spend a lot of time in it. Not some Herbert that has done a uni course or a mealy mouthed politician.
  11. If these are any use to you Stav I will post them up. I take it he just wants the antlers not the skull. PM me your address if you want them.
  12. Back to the sheep and game farm last night. The previous night I had about 8 alerts on my cameras. It showed two foxes where about but unfortunately it was pouring down rain and high winds. Anyway as I was getting my gear together tonight the camera alert went off and when I checked a fox was already there on the bait at six o, clock. I had several more alerts as I was driving there so I knew it was hanging about. After driving through the farm to the bait site I could see the fox a hundred yards or so away to the right of the bait. It had obviously been taking bits of bait there to eat. It ha
  13. But crows and magpies aren’t the same size as foxes or deer, unless it’s different where you live.
  14. Trouble is no shop in the country sells anything as good as i load myself. Cost is neither here nor there for me as i have had my gear for years and stocked up whilst prices and availability was very good.
  15. I know, i am down to my last 7.000 primers, 3,000 bullets and sixteen tubs of powder. I need to stock up while my local rfd still has piles of everything. ?
  16. I am surprised you haven’t set yourself up to reload. It is cheaper and you can tailor the rounds to suit your rifle far better than factory stuff. I have just prepped some cases for loading this week. Crow and magpie battering season is here so I will need them.
  17. You will be lucky if it comes to a call again now it is educated to them. Might be better forgetting the caller and try to kill it over bait.
  18. Back to the game and sheep farm last night. It stopped raining about 7.30 and the forecast was clear for the rest of the night so I thought I would go and see if I bumped into a particular fox that I knew was on the ground or it’s mate. This vixen is another that completely ignores any calls and is very wary . I have two cameras up on this farm and before I set off I had an alert on my phone. When I checked it there was a fox on camera 2 at 8.06pm. I met my mate at the farm at 8.45pm and we went to where the fox had been heading. After 45 minutes of nothing at all I thought we may be better at
  19. There is a chap called Kev Gundry that can fix them but to be honest there is very little in them to go wrong.
  20. Thing is you can buy a s/h Drone for the price of these new offerings and they are the best n/v scope ever made or ever will be.
  21. I set one up for someone I know and I thought it was really good. He hasn’t had any problems with it.
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