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  1. I’d say 13tts & above at a guess mate
  2. Going well mate Sambo off here got her
  3. Yes mate the litter as whole is going really well
  4. Narla’s First In The Bag,Only had her back about 3 weeks ago she haven’t seen a stitch until I’ve had her that’s including stock etc she’s showing great promise but she’s got some good tutors(Brian etc) around her
  5. Had The Pack Out knocking a load of bunny’s about
  6. Have you got to be registered with a vet then Dilly?? Atb Cbx
  7. Just so he can watch a bit mate as he’s still very puppyish & dull to be fair mate he’s good as gold with ferret etc but he’s been a challenge mate some days he’s spot on other days he’s my worse nightmare like but I’ll get him there
  8. Thanks mate she’s 1 of Griffin x beaglecockers I bred
  9. Another Apprentice For Brian To Bring On
  10. It’s bonkers how these beddy men don’t want the breed to die but not willing for others to help them keeping them going it baffles me like
  11. As for slowing down he doesn’t know the meaning he lives for hunting Steve he’s hit rabbits up every day with me but foxpack just didn’t want to over tax him hunting foxes on them fells mate which shows how much respect he has for old Brian & old Brian will finish his working life with me & my family as they all love him atb cbx
  12. Cheers Steve he’s with me everywhere mate he’s a pleasure to own & a credit to foxpack as the dog is spot in every way
  13. Old Brian lined my mates Beagle/cocker bitch so hopefully & we have some good pups about out these 2 good grafters atb cbx
  14. Yes hunts all them banks plenty of bunny’s there
  15. Old Brian following the kids on the horses then riding in front of truck after a bit of fencing
  16. Yes looks can be deceiving that’s for Tony & all’s well thanks mate atb cbx
  17. I’d say 11-12tts the shoulder at a guess Tony
  18. Old Brian Still Fit As A Fiddle
  19. Yes he is mate dog lives for work & he’s bringing Izzy on leaps & bonds
  20. Izzy chilling with the chickens
  21. Brian enjoying Sun & Keeping Finley Company while he was sanding his walking stick down
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