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  1. 11mth old colliebullgrey with dash of hound in him
  2. 11 days old today & Fat as Mud
  3. He’s a cracker to be fair & I’ve got 2 sons of his here & would like to continue his breeding in my bushers
  4. He’s been to 5 bitches in his life If I’m correct but went over 2 of them twice why you asking??
  5. Yes only 1 I thought she was having a phantom to be honest mate but 1 will do mate
  6. This little belting bitch pup was born yesterday she’s out of Brian & Beaglecocker bitch of my mates
  7. If I’m honest mate I like them all in they own ways & they all contribute to the pack but Brian will take some beating mate
  8. The Lad & His Pack After A Hard Mornings Bushing
  9. They lovely pup & Always wanted to try Gwp
  10. Steve Retrieving 1 This Morning
  11. Thanks mate They will work rabbits,hares & fox but that suits me down to the ground because every walk I go on I know I’m gonna hit something up & have some sport
  12. All depends on quarry I suppose mate but on Rabbits not to far in front mate & they all very good listeners I wouldn’t have it any other way
  13. I think ul regret if you don’t mate & just put a good bushing dog back over her
  14. Have you ever bred off her mate??
  15. Always liked that bitch she’s a belter
  16. f**k some childish shit being spouted on here,All over a picture of a pup
  17. Nice catch & Retrieve by Ronnie & Narla getting a mouthful as well which can only do her a world of good
  18. I know wish I took one these to mate She’s a belting bitch nothernlite
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