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  1. looks like underside of a panted lady the one in the corner the other underside of a orange tip
  2. fish

    Watch Your Back Rob58!

    yep watch out bud lol
  3. fish

    Yetne Mink Hounds

    to true .and hes had some shit from the ants over the years. good man loves his hunting.
  4. fish

    A Nice Watch..

    thanks for putting that up very good.
  5. need to change her name now lol
  6. tommy the terriers no good for you its not hard enouth for you better of leaving it here on the way back. lol
  7. good to have one to call out problem being as they get older they don't wont to come if they any good.had terriers years ago I could call out the more work they got the less they would come all this traning them to come is a load of blo---x at the end of the day.
  8. fish

    One Terrier Or More

    yep get them in there lol
  9. Nice work mate, are you in the north? yes
  10. yes and the ground was rock hard
  11. young terrier doing well FRANCE.
  12. which terrier is that waz ?