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  1. Could you get vid of a large Siamese please mate
  2. I’m gutted mate .Whalers a scream in full flow Ask keeper if I could bribe him for the beaters day .
  3. No mate ,gutted .Taken on too much work I’m afraid and need to be there in person on a few . Going to really miss that beaters shoot 🥹🥲
  4. Just spotted something .Is that Ben back row ?
  5. Nah ,your just in denial Benny .Just come out ,say your borderline sausage jockey and you’ll feel much better .
  6. Following on from seeing a few foxes about at the chicken farm the other night I took a look out with thermal ,223 and pard . Parked in the farmers yard and made sure his dog was shut in ,b*****d hates me . Walked to the shed fields and straight away there’s a fox pacing along a shed looking for an easy break in .I was behind a dug heap and had the farm lights behind me so I called from where I was .Foxy came in like a train .The dung heap obscured it a bit until it was onto top of the heap only 10 m away .Wish I’d pressed record tbh .Fox realised its mistake and ran back a bit so I
  7. If you read the thread from start to finish you will see I’ve been honest with any evidence but the level of shite we have been shown thus far is enough to swerve a saint . This vid shows to me that at least one person knows what a cat looks like in a thermal and does nothing to prove the outrageous claims we are told to believe re breeding populations and numbers . Thats a large cat for sure but without a daylight pic of the area ,how large is speculation . You might be in awe of the staunch work carried out by the league of big cat investigators but I see bumbling folk so desp
  8. You on drugs cos that’s just weird .
  9. Reported for bullyingly reporting me for cyber bullying
  10. Think I preferred you when you was just nice without the prick added .
  11. No doubting it’s a cat Paul .Nice vid .Most compelling footage yet . If it’s a house cat it’s a large Siamese by the flanks . The scale is about right for a bigger cat though .Is there any pics of the scene in daylight . Knew it was a cat as soon as I saw the face and I can see why your excited .That vid needs no altering . Ive told you several times I will be honest with you .Thanks for the vid .
  12. Been to Canada Paul .You been outside the uk at all bud . Took some cracking thermal of cat food last night .14 roe in one field plus a fox that jumped that jumped a fence to come to a call to get shot . Shot 3 bonefide foxes last night with not a hint of feline about them . Maybe ,seeing your a traveller type you could pop up to me and come out . Theres a roe doe in for you and as many fecking hares as you want . Might let you look through the thermal too,just so you get some real time experience of being out and about at night . Joking aside offer stands mate .
  13. Is there a link to the latest cat video please ,anyone !
  14. Well said Mack . Politeness costs nothing does it so listen up tossers .
  15. I am mate and proud .No airs nor f****n graces here me old fruit .
  16. Are you smoking something the world dosnt know about Paul . Ive got clearer vids of rats at 300 m ffs .
  17. GM …is this animal coming or going If coming it’s an aardvark if going it does look very cat like .Is there a pic of the rest of it or do we have to wait another 5 years . Funny as f**k how you can give it but can’t take it lately lol . The few who are sceptics aren’t out to shout down anyone with evidence ,quite the opposite mate we relish the input ,well I do anyway . The fact you mention me in every post lately tells me I’m on the right path as I seem to be bugging the hell out of you ,an apparent staunch believer in all things cat . Just to add is there a vid doing
  18. I blame the big cat seekers protection league .Hiding the whereabouts and evidence so watertight that even they can’t find it . Must weigh heavy on those knowing where they are and seeing the weekly carnage . Hats off to the likes of GM and RM for being so secretive and protecting cats from the likes of myself who just want one dead on my wall . Bravo .
  19. Or bag of lime ,ask our labourer .Week off with the mother of all ring stings .
  20. Stop it Mack ,your killing my sides this early .
  21. I’m a tad suspicious of anyone who sees large cats tbh and I’m gobsmacked at the numbers they apparently believe are here .Be worth setting up a trap line soon as fur prices are decent I’m told .
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