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  1. Nice to see a real deal countryman Mack .Nothing plastic about you mate .
  2. Glad to see your getting a few mate .
  3. Nice capture Mack .How’s your latest case going in that new CID role ,lol.
  4. Not wanting an argument but havnt you posted exactly the same then got your suspenders in a hash when you’ve been pulled up on it ,just saying so we get a balanced debate .
  5. Mack is the ying to greymans yang .
  6. It’s lads like you Mack that keep the site sane ,lol.
  7. Hallelujah .Thankfully it wasn’t our resident guru or we’d never hear the end of it .
  8. Who gonna call …..Cat busters
  9. Sticks are pretty steady mate .Some movement but just brace it for a shot .
  10. Was told long time ago that pulsar are very good at bringing out old technology frequently to get the punters to spend whereas hik etc are using the very latest tech now .
  11. That’s a proper ball ache mate .They really don’t do themselves any favours .I’ve had dealings with the shop our way and never satisfactory tbh .Wont use them again .
  12. Reckon you could get the bream going proper mate ,on a feeder with worm and castor .
  13. Your on fire Francie ,pun intended
  14. Tell that to the anti vaxxers ,lol.
  15. No mate .Saw a buck walk past a doe without so much as a sniff .
  16. That’s why you never ever give to aid charities .
  17. Just back in from foxing and there was a combine at it few fields away over the boundary .Very humid and warm here tonight .Nothing seen bar hares and deer .
  18. Chicken farmer called to say the grass was all cut for the third time so off trots I last night to see if any fox were about .Plenty of hares but had to wait til gone midnight for Charlie to pop in .Had the .243 tonight with pard attached and IR .Scopes playing up on .223 . This fox was call shy ,ran back to the gate it came through when I tried a soft lip squeak .Sat down about 350 m away as they do .The lure of a free diced meal got the better of him and eventually he trotted down the track towards me .Waited til he was about 100 m and shot him in the neck off viperflex sticks .
  19. Lol.Ok civil conversation then .Piss taking yes ,abuse no ????
  20. Me too .Hopefully all behind us and adult conversation can resume .
  21. I’m a diplomatic kind of chap mate .Rise to anything and lower myself to more .Treat exactly as I find mate .
  22. Did you like it bud .When I’m allowed to act normal the old brains quite nifty .
  23. Stated all along Im very interested in their being large cats in our countryside but after the name calling began it just turned to shite I’m afraid .Nobody is stopping anybody from posting about cats positive or not but we have to expect debate either way .Just because I may be of a different view to others don’t make me right or them wrong but the standard of so called proof we’ve seen has to be upped to there being no shadow of doubt before I’ll stay silent and say yes well done . If I or anyone else sees anything that’s not right or needs questioning then expect debate ,debate that sh
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