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  1. PLost my 2 gills last week, looking for a couple more in cornwall/ Devon
  2. Get a good spaniel mate I don't let mine hunt covers unless out ferreting they can use their nose abit then but spoils lamp dogs if they start smelling too much if you ask me
  3. Had same problem with bull x chewing his way out of kennel so now when he ain't with me he's on a chain to an IBC tank full of straw also good to have guard dog outside the caravan he gets abit narley lol
  4. You could get like a 10 or 11 plate ford ranger or Isuzu rodeo for like 10,000 with low mileage from a dealer or even a good defender second hand private, I drive a fourtrak independent 2.8 turbo I love it, go anywhere off road and is pleasant on road
  5. When I lived in Shropshire we had 4 dogs running and not an acre of permission, farmers never followed threats through haha you will be alright
  6. We went in yours a pint earlier Dave you were nowhere to be seen! Haha are you out with the dogs tonight?
  7. Have had 19 and a big ginger rabbit with white top of his tail with the one dog on my doorstep, but that was a very good night I live on a farm in a static so I'm parked in a field lol that was a hard night for the dog on his own as very overlamped on the farm I live on and never much about.. And our Cornish rabbits and gingers is faster I'm sure
  8. Both my kennels have IBC tanks in them with a doorway and porch filled up with straw I fell asleep in there a week or so ago pissed up was lovely and warm!
  9. I just bought a new 14 amp battery shoulder pack from hodges was quid a deben one not lithium though
  10. Well done mate, not fantastic under foot for the dog round some of those buries Cheers, D. It's the brindle dog mate he's turning out pretty good gonna head out now give me a shout if you fancy a shine now it's come dark, I've been out a fair bit. Did I tell you I lost my little beddy x bitch?
  11. Took the young lurcher for a wander on his own yesterday to give him some attention and threw a couple ferrets in the bag for a play more than anything, went up on bodmin moor on my cousins farm lots of nice small open ground sets, threw fuzzie in and it couldn't have gone better, dog is watching better now and was in the right places when he needed to be and rabbits came with good gaps between each other, 3 from first, 5 from second 1 from the last, think dog missed 2 which is not bad going for his second trip out with ferrets
  12. I never looked into them mate had them both as older pups seperate times and unentered both were pretty below average dogs nothing on the bull xs I moved onto got a heavy one a tall racey one and a smaller finer one beats the Hancock, and I didn't have a clue about the breeding it didn't interest me
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