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  1. Yea Could be a bit wild and hard to stock train
  2. No because he throw gamer dogs than himself
  3. Does everyone take a gun when they go snooping around
  4. I have a alaiby huge dog but can still run about well I imported him ears cropped and half tail he 17 month and 89kg and still growing now starting to mentally change at night you won't get out of my yard even if you do get in lol used to not fight back with dogs but will now and takes a fair bit of stopping.
  5. Accidentally lamped a lama gave a good fight but did fill the dog food freezer
  6. Go back with a nice 450 four-stroke motocrosser
  7. You find that sometimes a dog is ok with a field full of sheep but when there is a single sheep or just 2 or 3 some how when they run its game on and roast lamb on Sunday yet dog will still be ok with a field full of them I get a 20 meter length of rope and when dog go to run after then let him get near the end and give his neck a good yank
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