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  1. Was trained fine on the slip lead and on a collar. Just got working and decided that every time he goes on a walk he's going to work.. He's a patterdale at the end of the day so you have a guess what he's like off the lead
  2. Day in the life of us pest controllers. Don't half see some weird stuff. Found a tawny owl sat in a shed today
  3. Little lump for 4 months. Be interesting to see how it turns out. Cheers
  4. Used to get mine from mole Valley farmers. £9.95 a pop. Cheers
  5. Cracking little pup that un. How olds it!? Cheers
  6. I think if you lower the number of traps to say 4 or 5. I think you will solve the problem. Give it a try over a couple days. And can you not just set the traps without them bring in a box. Or is that also not an option? Cheers
  7. Good little idea that. Might steal it if you don't mind . Why don't you put less traps in and separate them apart that little extra. Prevent them all being set off? Cheers
  8. Right so I bought a little harness for the lad. Completely different dog. No pulling and walks to heel. Anyone reckon that I keep him on this to get his walking in order then switch back to collar and lead in a few months? Cheers
  9. On the jupiler on me perfect draft machine. Come on the Welsh!!!
  10. Agreed. Problem I've got is he was good as gold on the lead. Take him out to work on rat a few times then everytime he's out on a walk since, fecker just wants to go
  11. Just after people's input. Not a fan of um but seeing if they're worth using or just let him keep pulling.
  12. What's people's thoughts on using a harness for a terrier on a normal walk? Patterdale in particular. The little lad can't turn off and thinks he's going out to work even if we're just going out. Just want peoples views on it Cheers
  13. Oh yeah place has been left full of everything you can imagine. Was wandering about today and seen atleast 6 squirrels then heard plenty more elsewhere. Trouble I've got is the fact they've always got easy access to food.. Might have to put plenty of traps and spend a bit of time hanging about with the rifle aswell. Cheers
  14. Look after an empty warehouse, been left full of stock for years until the landlord decides who's to pay for disposal of the stock. Had over 200 rats out of here in the past 12 month. No more rats. Within 2 weeks the furry grey feckers have been right at it. Traps or shooting Station? What's the thoughts? Cheers
  15. Pretty sure this is called a monarch type trap. Have used it on a couple of occasions but in all fairness live trapping rats is alot more hassle than it's worth. Would rather be using snap traps or fenns in boxes. ATB
  16. If I was retired and can still come up with something like this..... Then an applause is due all round.
  17. Overall yeah. I've had many a trap either be too sensitive or the pressure plate has been triggered and the bar hasn't been released from the catch. There just cheap mass made shit, but do the job if you need to have a lot of them out
  18. Bit hit or miss. Only using um on this site because there cheap and I've got over 200 down at the minute
  19. " No one can work out how the rats are getting in"
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