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  1. They get bit I guess ya. Not always but I mean sometimes its just gonna happen. No I have never treated one for a bite per say. Don't see no need to cuz I've never had an issue. I have maybe wiped them down with some 7% Iodine or some hot soapy water if we've had a long weekend on them ya know.
  2. I haven't seen a dog yet that can outrun a deer that's actually moving and meaning to get away. Anybody that tells you they have I say is full of shit cuz it just don't work that way. I assume a pure greyhound that could run close to 50 or so would be about the same speed but man they wouldn't last long. Them pronghorn gotta be hittin upwards of 60 mph I'd say. All I know is they can fly!
  3. If you don't raise some pups out of her and Grendal you are being silly. Pups don't cost shit to raise so quit bitchin bout the money and just do it.
  4. Lets just say this. Good luck catchin a white tail with a dog unless the situation is way in your dogs favor and catching a pronghorn aint friggin happening unless something goes drastically wrong for the goat.
  5. You get sick of her I know where she can come play and hang out.
  6. I caught one, Billy caught one, and my old man caught one yesterday.
  7. It was probably someone talking about Blue Lacy dogs. The story is they have some coyote blood in them...its just a story IMO. Take care. Ya or the Catahoulas. They are all full of shit though. People will say anything to make something 100x more dramatic than it actually is.
  8. Spotlightin jack rabbits in standin on a flatbed rig aint for the faint of heart. That sumbitchin Scotty tried to kill me. Of course surfin on top of the riggin box drunker than 10 Indians on tequila at 10 pm going around them curves up in them mountains aint all that safe neither. HAHA!
  9. Ya they are getting big. Caught another one this morning.
  10. OK so 4 now. HAHA! All caught by hounds only today.
  11. The old man caught a couple already this morning.
  12. I don't know anybody that has ever done that personally nor have any idea why they would do it. You'd get shy spooky ignorant actin sumbitches that couldn't run as fast as what I already have. Its a lose lose situation if you ask me but I'm sure some idiot somewhere has tried it.
  13. They couldn't get any slower than the crew we are running these days fella. Well except for Anika. HAHA! She tries like hell and looks like she is motoring but aint much ground getting ate up. But like my buddy said, they only gotta be fast enough but I do miss having dogs that could really run at times. That being said I bet I missed maybe 5 coyotes all last year on account of speed or lack there of. So important is speed really?
  14. Got out the other day before all them big storms came through. I didn't catch anything but Billy managed one I believe.
  15. Bliss Rock's littermate bro? Oh ya and when did you say he was born?
  16. Had dogs run that were in tip top shape that damn near died on me and a few that did die on me over the years. Not just coyote dogs either. Seen coon dogs tree so hard in the heat of the summer that they collapse and have fits.
  17. Good stuff. Had me a cur dog once that looked just like that.
  18. Very cool picture. Thanks for sharing.
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