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  1. Salukis Bwahahaha! Why not a f****n beddyxwhippet?
  2. Must be losing my touch. Cant even troll folks properly on this site anymore.
  3. Ya pretty much. We cast hounds down creeks and when they punch the coyotes out we try to get to a spot where the coyote is crossing the road and then we dump on them if we get a chance to. Its pretty tough at times and sometimes it may take a few different tries to get a close enough dump. Anything over bout 200 yards and you are kidding yourself cuz you wont be catching that coyote.
  4. Make sure to get a bitch so you can breed her and sell some puppies to make that money!!!!
  5. Caught number 90 Saturday. What a good season we've had. Stunt if you can throw up some of the pics I've sent you the last couple week. I'm gonna try maybe to figure out why I cant upload them on here anymore.
  6. Caught number 89 last night. Seen my dad's hounds put on another show and Grendal and Yeti monster put the finishing touches on it. Them hounds my dad has can flat run the air right out of a coyote in a very short time.
  7. I have caught a few with him now yes but I just got him up here. The dog is ate up with talent.
  8. Looks like a hand lil gyp ya there fella. Good deal.
  9. Pretty much but the best part of it all is I didn't really breed any of them. HAHA! I'm a lucky sumbitch I guess.
  10. Caught 3 more Saturday and 1 yesterday. Young dog Yeti is showing signs of greatness. No BS. Grendal which is my Flirt gyp's brother is a nice dog and could make a nice coyote dog and he can run a bit actually. Flirt is a wizard and needs no help wowing the crowd every day we go out. Really liking the dogs we got these days.
  11. Thanks again for putting the pic up Stunt. This was a pretty cool catch itself. I really had to haul ass down the road to get up to this coyote and by the time she crossed she was really gettin with it. I hit the brakes and the dogs jumped over the side. After a pretty long run at a high rate of speed Flirt was able to pull her down and that's all she wrote. I hope we can maybe catch a couple more and say we got 85 or wishful thinkin 90.
  12. Hopefully Billy will see this and come on here to offer some of his opinions on rubbing. I think there is more than goes on than just plain ole simple mounting. I believe they rub against each other in a sorta courtship ceremony myself. Plus I also believe they paw at each other and other odd displays that normally they wouldn't do and this contributes to some of the rubbing. Billy is 2x the authority on that subject though. I just catch em. He knows all the ins and outs.
  13. Well sorta ya. Its breeding season so they are rubbing and chit.
  14. We try to sell the ones we can. They are rubbing now so not worth much at all but earlier they were worth quite a bit.
  15. No she is a hound. She didn't lock onto the coyote either. That's why I said she hasn't started tying into them yet but that really don't bother me with young hounds cuz I've seen it a hundred times. I sent the big dogs to the bay out in the field and that was the end result is what I meant. My dogs cant really run anything over a mile which would be a full out sprint that would prolly last about 3:30 or so. I'm sure there are dogs out there that could run maybe for 5 minutes or so but they will not be coyote dogs at all. They wont be fast enough nor powerful enough to finish one.
  16. Ground is very rough. I like it. What pup is that? Is that Gush?
  17. Thanks a lot for putting up my pics for me Stun. I gotta figure out why I cant post pictures nor quote anybody on here anymore. I'm sure its something on my end and not the site at all so it may take awhile. Anyhow had 3 really nice catches on Saturday as you can. All I can say is that young hound in that top pic is possibly the best young hound I have ever seen in my life. I have no idea how she has managed to do what she has done but she has now been in on 4 coyote races and has somehow figure out how to outrun every dog she is on the ground with and has caught all 4 coyotes she has
  18. jigsaw great post man. I truly do understand what coursing is all about and I guess I just came on here to stir some chit up cuz I get sick of everybody judging everybody else. I like fluff's comment up above cuz this is all I'm getting at. What them boys are doing is obviously not coursing at all. Its no different than what fluff is saying with a bobbery pack although I had no idea what that was before I just read his post.
  19. I'm tellin you this thread gets better and better. No wonder why yall cant hunt over there anymore. Too busy talkin bout how its sport and all that bullshit. Maybe if ya would have just stood up for yourselves and said, "Hey we like to kill shit. f**k off!". Then maybe you wouldn't be where your at today.
  20. Don't encourage the c**t shroom. This site makes me laugh.
  21. Stunt you forgot to mention that Hoss and T are littermate brother and sister. You may have done that intentionally but......fill in the blank. Either way awesome litter and I should be doing the exact same kind of breeding soon.
  22. Thanks Stunt. I seen two very cool catches last night for coyotes 77 and 78 for this winter. First one was a female and she was very fast. She tried to straight line and then she ran around a hill side and when them two things failed she went to twistin and turnin. This allowed Junior to get back in the race with Flirt and for the young dog Yeti to catch up too eventually. Yeti can obviously outrun Junior but being only 11 months old yesterday he don't leave the truck worth a damn yet. Anyhow when Flirt caught the coyote she dumped it and they both went up on their back feet at each o
  23. Is that what makes them damn name plates bend like that bro? I feel like a tard now. I see that all the dang time and straighten them out but never realized that's what was causing it. Guess I never thought about it. Awesome pics! Nice to know there are folks doing well with terriers on coyotes. I'd like to see it. Shroom don't you go worrying bout all my escapades boy.
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