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  1. Cheers, that looks decent value for money?
  2. Said to him last week that I’d take two collars off him and pop over when I was off this week, he text me through the week to say they were sold which was fair dos
  3. I know mate, I’m looking at a locator at the moment, she will 100% go to ground but as you mention, unsure if she will shite herself when she gets up close yet like lol but I’m confident she will go in
  4. Aye I know, I don’t mind it’s driving my missus demented though lol
  5. Listen I know it’s never going to be like the lurcher, her recall is better, she always comes back but f**k me when it’s nose down it’s 10-15 minutes easy.. pain in the arse!! Ah well!
  6. If this box would work with the B&F collar? Ta Pieps Powder BT | Avalanche Beacons | Snowcountry WWW.SNOWCOUNTRY.EU The Pieps Powder BT is the simplified version of the Pieps Pro BT. The Pieps Powder BT is ideal for anyone...
  7. Had her just over a week, getting a bond with her, her and the lurcher getting there too, about 14 month old,
  8. That’s illegal here now Kev…… (insert appropriate imoji)
  9. I felt like I wanted a dog straight away but at the same time I didn’t as I would have felt like it was a replacement and that’s never the case…. There is no replacing them
  10. Worst bit about owning dogs, sorry for your loss
  11. Sometimes they’re that steep you end up upside down lol
  12. Meant to be a Patterdale.
  13. Just once, About 8 months ago, getting on ok just now anyway
  14. So, some will remember I had to get my wee old terrier PTS in October and I was left with Jess, who missed her wee pal…. Well an opportunity came up and the long and short of it is she has another wee pal (on trial) to see how they get on, Tia is about 15 month
  15. Ken Davie, farmer mentioned he was ok with the dogs at the moment but he would need to keep himself within the law. Hopefully get transparency on it soon
  16. That’s how it reads to me in the letter I got back
  17. Aye it’s shite Kev, it’s not the running of dogs that will be an issue I think, it will be the retaining of permission to do so as landowners may feel fear mongered with the threatening of them breaking the law
  18. Like the new law that’s passed it’s all in the wording…. I merely pointed it it may be the last time she can partake within the law not the last time she may be out lol bitch will be 3 in 3 weeks, coming into her prime!! Lol
  19. Talking preban, hare and deer would it be a problem, entered correctly I don’t see why she wouldn’t have done fox either
  20. Well was out at a bit on Saturday with Joe, he had Glen I had Jess, met at 7:30am and headed onto the hills, few young dug too which is not ideal, finished on 8 of which only 3 bolted and had to dig the rest, I had a disaster where I think (pretty sure) I loosened the cap on a collar and never tightened it, popped it on a jill and the collar was too tight on one hole and I thought it would be ok on the looser one… you know where this is going eh? Dogs marked well and it put a dampener on the day knowing this may be their last time to legally take part in a ferreting trip because thes
  21. reading the comments folk are saying they couldn’t possibly be coursing because they are German pointers but let’s not deflect from if it was a lurcher or any running dog for that matter the comments would 100% be different, it’s all about how we are perceived by Joe Public and the police for that matter. These folk forget that at one point all dogs were bred to work in one way or another whether for herding, protection or hunting, they’d be as well banning dogs altogether, animal cruelty imo is dogs that have been inbred as a fashion accessory with all the health issues
  22. Two men charged following hare coursing incident in North Berwick WWW.EASTLOTHIANCOURIER.COM Two men have been charged with hare coursing after being spotted harassing the animals in a field in...
  23. 100%…. but as the saying goes shy bairns don’t get sweeties lol
  24. That’s a very valid point, so I read it as if a dog chases and kills a wild mammal then that’s breaking the law, therefore if a dog chases and catches a mammal for humane dispatch that may not be against the law? clutching at straws probably
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