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  1. Asked to be removed myself but got no sense. If anyone has a way to start legal action to ger my ip address removed off this site please do tell. It came out in court that Ian B allowed access to the RSPCA to pm's.I asked to be removed but once i told them when and where it came out they tared me with the tits that got taken to court, i'm no tit and as far as i'm concerned this site is full of grasses and snakes. Wouldn't happen on MOOCHERS (The real moochers that is) when the CMW threatened to sue MOOCHERS Carreg told them to fuckoff and carry on, folks should sign up on there....
  2. My 10 yr old stepson has started to show an interest in shooting and I'm after some advice on a cheap junior/starter rifle for him, as we all know how fickle 10 yr olds can be I'm not looking to spend a fortune. Or alternatively if anyone has 1 for sale that they think might fit the bill please feel free to inbox me with details.... ....Milwr
  3. Tuffty, you bumped someone I know for Parvo Jabs....truth ....milwr
  4. £175 anyone before it goes on the bay ? ....Milwr
  5. ASUS Transformer Pad 16GB - 3 months old comes boxed with leads and manuals in as new condition....£190 http://uk.asus.com/E...nsformer_TF101/ ....Milwr
  6. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649 If this is in the wrong section can a Mod move it please.... ....Milwr
  7. How much fella ? ....milwr
  8. My sister runs the Fox and Hounds in Fremington ....milwr
  9. Milwr


    Well you obviously do you moron by first reading a post titled "Moochers" then secondly going to the bother of replying in it ....milwr
  10. Milwr


    Just spoke to Carreg on the phone, the domain name has NOT expired there is just a problem with the domain name server and he is looking into the situation promptly ....milwr
  11. £9.99 in Ponty market ....milwr
  12. about as funny as cancer ....milwr
  13. Theres a 15 mth old Patt bitch for sale in the For Sale section if thats any good to you.... Here's the link http://www.thehuntin...693-patt-bitch/ ....milwr
  14. This sums it all up really ....milwr
  15. My favourite.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad4fagTyaM4 ....Milwr
  16. Jus spoken to Carreg from Moochers (Im his brother) there hasn't been an advert for copies of Darcys Deer Book anywhere on Moochers ....Milwr
  17. Only its on the RIGHT ....Milwr
  18. As per title, does anyone have any for sale please ? ....Milwr
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