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  1. The same as shitting in a bucket?
  2. Shame they didn't chop your head off.
  3. The lack of noise at that zoom left me with doubts, I've got the P20 Pro but the telephoto lens is buggered after I dropped the twat.
  4. The lack of noise at that zoom left me with doubts, I've got the P20 Pro but the telephoto lens is buggered after I drop the twat.
  5. Love a nice Doom Bar pie when lodging away in a Premier Inn......
  6. I had a wank last night over a blind woman, she never saw me coming......
  7. RJJ is a strange one, he looked to have a decent set of whiskers throughout his career until he made the mistake of going back down to LHW to face Tarver, after their second bout his chin turned to glass. Once he lost his athleticism and speed his fundamental flaws really reared their ugly head. In his prime though he was something special, probably the biggest freak of all time.
  8. One of the most talented fighters of all time, a shame he wasn't as dedicated as he could have been.
  9. No, he really gave away some money for free.
  10. Talking about Tua, plus McCall's was just as good as Marvin's. Never been off his feet or hurt in his career.
  11. McCall's was even better. He's fighting shortly in his mid 50's.
  12. Tbf it only have him a few extra seconds, he was also given smelling salts to help him come around.
  13. Think I'd rather fcuk it than feyt it.
  14. It has changed then, the blue whale was a model when I went and not the skeleton.
  15. You'll have to ask your wife if she will let me.
  16. The Blue Whale was there when I went, wished i Iived closer so could visit more often.
  17. I went around 10 year ago, do you know if there's been any new attractions introduced in the last decade? I was like a kid in a sweety shop.
  18. OK clever clogs, we can all play that game. You're still forgetting the liitle fact that Tyson looked just as tall if not taller than Frazier when they are stood together. The point is there was really nothing between them height wise. You're still forgetting the fact that Tyson was a good 10lb-15lb heavier in their prime, if you try and tell anyone Frazier was a bigger HW than Tyson you would be laughed out the building.
  19. Don't really follow greyhound racing, how do the times of these past legends compare with modern dogs?
  20. You would think they would get their salt intake from exposed rocks and such. I guess the dam is like a salt sweet shop.
  21. Be a bit easier to open the cupboard.
  22. True but at least if there was video to go along with the footage it would at least make it somewhat believable. You have a much better chance of recording one calling then you have of seeing one as it can be heard a few km's away.
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