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  1. Fine this morning and now he won’t eat or drink or move think its old age I said it was 3 but the lad I got it off said it’s at least 5 I got a couple of hobs it’s my albino thats younger not looking good going to take him in house and see if he will have anything
  2. Bloody hell just sold one less than a week ago for next to nothing cracking trailer as well I’ve got a few farmers I can ask I’ll ask about for you
  3. Big hob of mine 3 year old is loosing loads of weight still it’s normal self and happy playing out but is like a sack of bones now we’ll fed tried pigeon rabbit biscuit squirrel you name it and still won’t put weight on was always a big chunky thing that made short work of rats
  4. Anyone used Hawthorne for a knife handle I’m sure an old bloke I used to know when I was a young kid used to make things out of it or am I wrong cheers
  5. Would like some ideas for my new ferret set up , runs enclosures what ever you lot have would like to see them will be making a decent sized run and hutch possibly in an outbuilding
  6. Every permission but 1 I’ve got has been hit with rhvd or mixy won’t be much for me this year nice to see good number to be had
  7. An old bloke I know is after a couple of bushing dogs / hounds will be worked most days as he’s retired he wants some more fun for his running dogs and gun has run numerous packs of hounds in the Past and wants a couple again not breed fussy as long as they do there job puppy’s considered out of right stuff must noise on quarry
  8. From what I’ve seen in the hgv side it has boomed flat out on break downs up and down country every night since lockdown eased and still the same a lot of our customers have seemed to have got rid of dead wood shall we say jobs that didn’t need doing by 20 staff it’s good and bad in a lot of ways
  9. What’s the best tracker about going to have to have the money down now my lurcher terrier cross is a allround decent dog for bushing as it doesn’t have mass amounts of speed but my new permission is so vast I can’t find the quarry it’s had and will hunt on for a good while on scent before calling it a day always comes back but have missed a few kills now so the time has come to buy one
  10. I got mine off a lad on here for free wouldn’t take anything cracking dog not usual deerhound shit
  11. Well if it comes back to you again I’ll have it got brother cracking dog
  12. Just got this sent while at work make up makes it look harder I’ve been told by a lad down the pub
  13. Vets just tell the general public your pet needs this or that doing when all they want is there money because there stupid enough to believe there going to die if they don’t get a retained testicle removed for example
  14. All the old mongrel terriers back in day either had one or none and the ones we had round here were bulletproof lived all there life with no problems
  15. If anyone wants to watch something clearly unbelievable but actually half alright to watch is ‘the hunt ‘ bought it in Asda creators of purge and hostel basically trophy hunting people worth an hour and a half watch
  16. Only issue with mine is his bollocks are a no show I’d of love to put it over something but I don’t think that will be happening a vets said get them removed and another said don’t do anything Until it has an issue with them in old age so don’t know what to do
  17. Just started lamping properly clever dog doesn’t leave you side lamps loose 6 bunny’s other night missed a couple but it’s a long way to reach down for that dog catches feather regularly will leave it at that for now till it’s a bit older
  18. He knows every spot for every species imaginable if you want to catch something he will take you to the right spot how he knows we’re he is I don’t know he must have one of them compasses jack sparrow has I reckon
  19. Yeah good boat been a few times now Paul is it ? My mate always goes out with him you must have a good eye for boats or that was coincidence there’s 15 trips run out of Whitby lol
  20. I wonder if the seals are a problem on the east coast cod used to be huge out there and now there lucky to touch 6lb
  21. I’d have had more fun crabbing never again if it’s like that all the time if they hadn’t of eaten the things on way up if of still been eating cod now
  22. I went fishing off Whitby last January never again every single cod came up with just the head we had a few dog fish that they didn’t touch and were returned 3 of us had over 60 screamers between us and all but five came in whole skipper said it happens all the time now
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