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  1. Sometimes those ridiculously early alarms are definitely worth it...
  2. I'd class my little bitch as fell type... Good rough coat, hardly feels the weather even on a wet day
  3. Pup has settled in great, got high hopes for her ??
  4. Haha I'm always up for a road trip! @W. Katchum
  5. Cracking looking litter! Are there any bitch pups available?
  6. Very smart.. I have a similar looking collie/grey x whippet
  7. Had a cracking day the braes of derwent show... we finished up 3rd in a strong class. Love how she looks like a throwback to old fashioned stuff in black and white
  8. Ive checked with him. Her Grandma was MN's Guinea. Bred Out of Frank Riley's Tilli Kind regards Andy
  9. Lovely pic and some great times I bet. Yes I've no doubt she will go back to terriers in the pic. Scuffle is a throwback to her grandma according to MN. Look forward to meeting you Barrie Andy
  10. Thanks, I couldn't ask any more of her she's been textbook. Bitch line goes back to some top stuff
  11. My little bitch Scuffle... entered in October and never looked back
  12. Few pics from my recent trip with my young bitch Scuffle
  13. My Collie/grey x whippet. Just turned 5, ideal little ferreting dog
  14. First time for me and my pup to a fell and moorland club show yesterday. Big turnout and some good looking dogs... ?? No placing for us but good experience none the less
  15. Morning all, I'm Andy and from Northumberland. Part-time keeper on a shoot and here to keep and eye for shows and hopefully some advice about terriers (my Lakey X bitch pup below) of which I'm fairly new too ... thanks
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