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  1. Hawke Panorama 6-18x50 AO View Advert Hawke Panorama 6-18x50 AO, 10x 1/2 mildot illuminated reticle, 1 inch tube, good condition.............. £100 posted Advertiser Triple2 Date 01/12/17 Price £100.00 Category Scopes and Optics
  2. Leapers 8x56 scope View Advert Leapers 8x56 scope, 1" tube, duplex ret, clean lens, a few minor rub marks on the finish but nothing major, rubber ring missing from eyepiece. This came on a c/f rifle, and I had thought of using it on the .22lr for lamping but too much mag for me. Pics via email. £50 posted Advertiser Triple2 Date 25/11/17 Price £50.00 Category Scopes and Optics
  3. I've a Hawke 3-9x50 mildot scope. PM if your interested

  4. Cheers mate.......... didn't realise the HW80 ran that high. If I had my 77 in that 14 - 16 bracket I'd be happy enough.
  5. I'm thinking of tuning up my HW77. It's one from the mid 80's and shoots well, but I feel it's lacking power at the minute. I'm in Northern Ireland, so the rifle is already on FAC. I'm just wonder does HW77 suit being run at around the same level as the HW80?
  6. Could somebody tell me what an "extremely high calibre air rifle" is?
  7. Good work, the 22 is more than adequate in the right conditions.
  8. I've just bought a EVO 75, not for shooting but for checking livestock etc. Can't compare it to any other brands but its very good out to at least 250 yards, not bad for just over £40
  9. I've used the 40gr varmageddon in the past, and I've found them to be more frangible than 40gr Blitzkings. They were very accurate in my T3, and were perfect for corvids.
  10. You won't go wrong with a Quake Claw, I've used one for several years..... good sling.
  11. If you're getting regular foxes a 250, I'd be think more in the line of the 22-250.......... point and shoot, and a bit of room for error in range estimation. I use 222, as most of my fields 200 yards is the max range, although with 40gr Blitzking it only about 6" of drop at 250.
  12. I used shoot a T3 Lite in .222, accurate rifle but didn't like the feel and balance of the synthetic stock.
  13. Evening all. Just a quick introduction. I started shooting about 30 years, with my Granda's sxs, mostly vermin and the odd clay. Went through a bit of a lull, when i first discovered vodka and women, but once the novelty wore off I returned to the fold. I got into air rifles and gradually progressed to rimfire and centrefire, to such an extent that I rarely head out with the shotgun. Also do a bit of reloading now as well, very addictive, but it keeps from getting under the missus' feet.
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