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  1. Thanks very much guys. I'll post how I get on x
  2. I go target shooting, my closest range is nearly an hour away. Really quiet bunch of older guys just targeting the same old. I just want to get out there and do somthing more exciting. Hoping to find someone to learn from and who can show me a few things. I am very new to all this..I used to go shoot rabbits what I was younger..leaning out of a friends escort sunroof!? Other than that, just target shooting really. I've always wanted to take it on as a hobby and now I have the time too but don't know anyone like minded.
  3. Who's making it a mind game. I'm simply asking if anyone is from my area. you are not so do not tell me what to do. I never knew I couldn't ask such a simple question without getting attitude for it. I will wait until someone is from my area that I can talk to. Thanks
  4. I've commented a few times but again got same type of responses/ messages
  5. I'm on Norfolk coast. I travel to Biggleswade tho. Are you anywhere near there? Thanks for the reply. I don't want to sound like dumb but i have no clue really, everyone has to start somehere tho right.
  6. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me out and show/teach me. I'm a beigineer in the shooting world. I don't really have any contacts my way that can help me out or advice or trips out, group meetings etc.
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