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  1. RobertGate

    Lowa Tibet boots?

    Lowa Men's Tibet, Meindl Unisex Boots, Kenetrek Men's Mountain Extreme are great brands with watrerproof and fit your need.
  2. RobertGate

    Whats The Best Boot

    I'm using Kenetrek boots for my elk hunting trip, great boots IMO. You can visit this page for reference: https://archerytopic.com/best-elk-hunting-boots/
  3. Hey guys, I just published this article about 17 Tips for Bow Hunting Deer, but wanted to share a short-and-sweet version here. Tip #1: Scout 1000s of Acres for White Tail at Once (45 minutes) Tip #2: Get Acquainted with Low Light Shooting (1 Day) Tip #3: Purchasing a Used Bow For Half Price (30 minutes) Tip #4: More Precise Aiming with Consistent Breathing (2 minutes) Tip #5: Practicing A Perfect Stance (5 minutes) Tip #6: Practicing with Broadhead Arrow Without Destroying Your Target (2 hours) Tip #7: Putting Trail Cameras to Increase Your October Odds (1 Day) Tip #8: Good Form for Shoot Better (45 minutes) Tip #9: Pinpointing Deer Spot with Right Bowstand (3 hours) Tip#10: Tracking Buck Locations When Acorns Dropping (5 hours) Tip #11: Utilizing Mock Scrapes (1 hour) Tip #12: Attract Deer to Your Decoy Easily (45 minutes) Tip #13: Reducing Your Scent to Get Closer to Whitetail (2 hours) Tip #14: How and When to Use A Deer Call (5 minutes - 2 hours) Tip #15: Maintaining Your Level with Bowhunting Drills (2 hours) Tip #16: Master Thermal Winds to Setup an Ultimate Ambush Location (20 minutes) Tip #17: Growing Up Your Skill with Hunting Partners (1 week) Here's the full version: https://archerytopic.com/bow-hunting-deer/
  4. RobertGate

    Think He's Hooked!

    Brilliant lad with amazing memories.
  5. RobertGate

    For Sale.. Handmade Knives

    I love handmade products, nice job anw
  6. RobertGate

    A Couple Of New Ones

    Nice knives, I love the last (3rd) one.
  7. RobertGate


    Where are you, mate ? Looks like a good offer.
  8. RobertGate

    Shooting Partner

    what a shame, I'm hunting with my compound bow. Good offer, btw.
  9. RobertGate

    Looking To Hunt In England/uk

    I hear that hunting in UK is illegal, mate.
  10. RobertGate

    What Got You Into Hunting?

    In my case, it comes from my dad. He taught me how to use a recurve bow when I was 10. I'v still kept it as a memory gift.
  11. RobertGate

    Compound Bow Maintenance

    Thanks for your tips. My compound bow is quite new, but have to save it just in case.