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  1. New Hunter 1181

    Flying Rats (Feral Pigeons )

    thanks all. I think ill pass if he offers me one with a grin on his face. maybe trying to put me in an early grave.
  2. New Hunter 1181

    Flying Rats (Feral Pigeons )

    My old man keeps saying that it is ok to eat feral pigeons. Is this true or is he having me on ?
  3. New Hunter 1181


    I too am having trouble gaining permission. I just keep telling myself if you don't ask you don't get. Hopefully I will get permission soon as I was walking the dog this morning and I swear a rabbit winked at me. His days are numbered, !!!!
  4. New Hunter 1181

    Hello All. A Bit About Me.

    Greetings fellow hunters. Thought I should introduce myself. My name is mark and I'm 19 years of age. I am from Leeds and still live there to this day. I have decided to join this community as I would really like to learn new things and talk to like minded people. At the moment I would not consider my self as a hunter ( unless you count borrowing your brothers rifle and going down to the woods ). hopefully one day I will have a greater knowledge of hunting and its different techniques. I am always up for having a conversation and will be taking notes on what you have to say. thanks Mark