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  1. Was good to get out and have a shine and all the effort put into the young dog came to fruition and he performed like a seasoned veteran , yes proper chuffed!!!
  2. https://ctrlq.org/images/ used this for these pics , nice and easy
  3. Had same issues with photobucket, using this instead now https://ctrlq.org/images/
  4. Havent been on for a while and come to post today only to find all my images have disappeared due to photobox suddenly wanting to charge me for uploading images to this site, Well thats not happening so it looks like ive got to start all over Anyway heres a couple ive been working on, due to ongoing health issues its been slow progress but got these done
  5. Thankyou mate I still have so much to learn though, compared to some I am a complete novice but enjoy every minute of it
  6. Current w.i.p , bevels done now ready for drilling and copious amounts of sanding before the heat treatment
  7. Thought Id do something a little different so tried a bit of detail on the blade flats and a super glue finish on the scales , turned out quite nice
  8. First time using antler and fairly pleased at the result
  9. Thanks and anytime mate just give me a shout
  10. Well after a difficult few months its good to feel well enough to get back in the workshop, a huge thankyou to those that were so patient whilst I recovered and and also to those that sent their best wishes. Anyway after the long lay off I came up with this hope you like it
  11. Cheers mate, still waiting lol, but doing ok and even managing to get a few knives done
  12. Hi mate , thanks for that glad to hear you are pleased with it, as for me I havent been too good although I am not doing too bad at the moment, still waiting for gallbladder surgery had an incision done at the end of the bile duct to reduce the risk of stones blocking it and it seems to be doing the trick at present, Just waiting for a date really all the consent forms have been done so hopefully not long to wait now,
  13. Was a little worried for a while and yes could've been a different story but I'm still here after some wonderful care from my local hospital, got to have my gallbladder removed at some point soon , then hopefully a full recovery. A big thank you to the members on here who have wished me well it's appreciated
  14. Hello guys unfortunately have spent a month in hospital with pancreatitis and peritonitis had to have some serious surgery to wash out the abdomen to get rid of the poison, hopefully on the mend now but need further surgery in the new year. I apologise most sincerely to customers waiting for delivery, Flacko yours has been posted and Rowan yours will be posted tomorrow. I am unable to take any more orders at the moment as I'm not up to getting back in the workshop as yet but hopefully won't be too long Ade
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