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  1. Hi mate would this bitch I have here be out of that bitch called Rosie atb 

    1. Foxpack 2

      Foxpack 2

      Properly from way back mate 

    2. coco


      It will be interesting to find out what’s actually in here I was told the mother of this bitch here was a pointer x greyhound x wheatonxgreyhound but I guess that’s not the full picture her brother billy as up there big white dog suppose to be some dog on the fell  that’s why I’d like to talk to billy before breeding thanks for helping dai my nbr 07794634513

    3. Foxpack 2

      Foxpack 2

      Maybe is all correct mate ,but years ago coco did breed a Pointer x grey to a bull x ,but as I say I don't really no what Billy has on these days ,as I don't know him that well ,but I'll try get you a number pal no probs