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  1. I'm using 40g Blitzking with. 20g of n130 in my 222. Picking off magpies and crows at 180 yards, super accurate in my rifle, not missing unless its user error. Very happy with them.
  2. Hi, are the 40gr bullets still available? Thanks 


  3. Hi, is this S200 still for sale? 



  4. Hw100 KT FSB 177 View Advert HW100 kt FSB 177 in Advertiser mikesy Date 22/04/20 Price £650.00 Category Airguns
  5. AA S200 wanted. View Advert Looking for an S200 in .22. Must be in good condition. Would swap for a mint TX200 Mk3 HC with AA mod or will pay cash for the right rifle. Preferably not too far away from Edinburgh. Thanks Now sorted Advertiser mikesy Date 08/12/17 Price Category Airguns
  6. As per title looking for a pair of ATP66 to fit 30mm scope tube Thanks
  7. No longer for sale. Used it last night,forgot how good it is on the bunnies. Sorry.
  8. Thanks Dan, Would have been perfect for your missus as it's quite light. Had some pm's about it . Regards Mike
  9. Thanks bud, I think it's a fair price.
  10. Selling my Anschutz as I dont use it enough nowadays. Great accurate and compact lightweight rifle which is in very good condition apart from a couple of marks made by the previous owner fitting the scope. I'm selling the rifle only and asking for £350. (May consider exchange for M/C over and under 12g) Based in Edinburgh
  11. Hi Mark , received with thanks, Pleased. Mike
  12. Cheers , funds should winging its way to you as I type. (Have emailed my address)
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