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  1. Thanks for the advice but I did not say I had been told the primers would have difficulty igniting the black powder. Quite the opposite I have read that with a hot primer and small black powder loads the primer may start the load up the barrel before the powder is properly lit. black powder is easy to light but slow to burn.
  2. Is it me? Is this a record? With only six posts as a newby I encounter the forum member who cant read and the resident keyboard warrior. Think I will go elsewhere I don't need the hassle.
  3. I am very sorry my friend but I never said that 209 primers were too hot, indeed they are I believe fitted to many black powder cartridges and are recommended. What I do suspect is that the 209M Notice" M for magnum" Which are the ones I have, are too hot but I cant find a definitive answer and that's why I asked "if you carefully read my OP" Hoping that someone on this forum had used magnum primers with a light load. Instead what I seem to get is folk who cant read "Oh well"
  4. Sorry I only know the one. This is a copy of current Eley two and a half inch case. 60grains pf powder and 28g of shot. I think any mild primer will do.
  5. No they are going into plastic hulls. I am told that with too hot a primer the primer starts to move the load before the black powder has fully ignited. I think I will get some plain 209 ones.
  6. Hi John. I don't wish to be rude but could you just "carefully" read my original post.
  7. Yes I think this is so in a lot of cases. They are a common primer. BUT ARE THEY THE "MAGNUM " PRIMERS?
  8. Hi to the black powder experts. I am due to loading some 12g blackpowder cartridges with 60gr of powder and 28g of shot. My question is that I have rather a lot of CCI 209m primers. Is it OK to use these or should I play safe and get some milder ones? There is so much conflicting advice on magnum primers and light blackpowder loads. I would like advice from loaders who actually have experience of this. thanks.
  9. DUNKS

    Your favourite gun

    Hi this is my first post as a newby and seeing the thread I could not resist showing my best gun. It's a 1890 Richard Ellis 12g 65mm chambers and a joy to shoot. Have not brought anything down with it yet but it's great on clays. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi all. new member here. live near Notts. Not much hunting. I shoot on a friends permissions. I have a passion for shotguns Old and new and just got into 12g black powder so I will be needing help.