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  1. Any of you lads in Northern Ireland have any experience of Topdog, near Ballymoney. Or any other suggestions for a supplier of Galvanized Dog Runs, Thanks, Keith.
  2. Just today near home I found this Hoodie Crow nest - the upper bird (sorry about the image quality) is a hybrid Carrion/Hoodie and the grey doesn't extend right down the back and breast as it does in the normal bird. This bird has been about for the past year or so. We sometimes get Hybrids and Carrions on the East coast of Ireland, tho' the Hooded is the normal variety. I wonder if the young will revert to normal Hoodie colours? My friend's son wants to rear one - I know Jackdaws and Magpies were reared successfully many years ago - does anyone have any experience of Hoodies or Carrions? Zek.
  3. zek

    What lost this?

    I used to find clumps of hair like this in a plantation here in Ireland - the only deer species present was Sika. I'm not sure if the deer lost these clumps of hair while scratching or fighting etc. Zek.
  4. zek

    To all humbugs

    I don't celebrate it (tho' my parents used to), even though I'm a Christian. Thursday will be spent like most other days - with the family around the fire, a few games of ludo etc, read a good book, and a walk, weather permitting. No Xmas tree, big dinner, decorations, carols, presents etc. It's very unlikely that Christ was born in the Winter - Mary and Joseph were going with many others to be taxed, which was a long journey for multitudes, and it's unlikely that the Roman officials would have organized such a taxation at such an inclement time of year. Shepherds were also in the fields at night time, again most unlikely in Winter-time. It's a pagan festival that has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, and everything to do with commercialism! Guess who works in a department store selling lots of toys and decorations - Ironic! Zek.
  5. You lot have all the answers! Thanks for that, Zek. They are cheaper to keep than conventional livestock, and they take up less room. they are a major part of the diet in Peru and Bolivia, particularly in the Andes Mountains highlands. It is also eaten in some areas of Ecuador (mainly in the Sierra) and Colombia. From This To This
  6. I wanted to know what guinea pig tasted like - simple as that! In some countries (but I can't remember where), they're kept in a box under the kitchen table, and fattened for eating. Zek.
  7. Grey Squirrel, Badger, Guinea-Pig, Swan. The Swan was too big to fit in the oven, and had to be trimmed - three and half hours cooking and it tasted like salty beef. I've had Badger and Grey Squrrel a few times. I wasn't impressed with Guinea-pig. I'd love to try Whale and Seal. Zek.
  8. A rabbit's for life, not just for Easter! Zek.
  9. I'm illustrating a book on Hen Harrier studies in North-east Ireland, and am looking for good photographs (High resolution) of birds that these raptors prey on, such as Meadow Pipit, curlew, or grouse chicks. Adult Grouse would have to be of Irish stock as they're a slightly different colour from those on the mainland. Good Hen Harrier photos would also be welcome, but they're usually like 'hen's teeth'. I would use the photos to produce drawings or paintings for the book. I am willing to pay for the one-off use of such a photo for the purpose of book illustration. There are quite a number of good photographers on this site, so if you feel you have good shots of any of the above, then let me know. thanks, Zek.
  10. I suspect young badger - they look very similar to an adult badger in my judgement. Toes out in front of the pad, and long nails. Zek.
  11. zek


    Back in 1997 there was - tho' 11 years may have made a change! Quite a lot of them had a white spot on their forehead for some reason! Zek.
  12. good photos - thanks for sharing, Zek.
  13. Love the one of the fox cub - I assume it was reared under those boulders? Zek.
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