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  3. Thanks for that .
  4. WOW this is my first visit to this site for a long time and I never new traps could be so entertaining [brilliant] ive been managing pests and wildlife from fleas to deer for about 45 years and used various traps and methods along the way and always enjoyed mole traping the most . This year ive bought 20 putange traps from ratpack as yet ive not used them im still using talpex and flatpack duffus traps . Without opening a big can o worms again are the putange treps from ratpack inferior in any way. thanks in advance Cheers
  5. Hoolit

    L200 Or Ford Fanger/ B2500

    I have a 2003 L200 it returns 28/ 30 mpg on a long run if you push it over 3000 revs you start to use more fuel drive craefully and its fine . Great of road ive driven ploughed fields a few times deep snow etc no problems ,good load space its a good all round work horse and its comfortable enough . Its now done 146000 miles ,i change the oil every 6000 and grease gun it twice a year so far so good. The only drawback is the turning circle it takes a bit off geting used to but as thats the only negative point it seems to do everything i need.
  6. Hoolit

    Roe deer survey............

    Has anyone done any survey on magpie numbers or raptor numbers and the damage they do to the song bird population since the 1970s Rarely hear very many song birds round this way now.
  7. Hoolit

    Osprey predation

    This will have those lovely people at the RSPB scratching their heads and wondering how a keeper made a model airoplane to look like a buzzard. On the buzzard subject i drove 6 miles to do a bit stalking the other day and on the way back counted 12 buzzards christ they are geting as common as magpies . Keep smiling Hoolit
  8. Hoolit

    Need a deer dog

    Aye Caprelous ,we are giving him one more season and he off to the nursing home.
  9. Hoolit

    Lads on here who are taking part

    They were bad in Fife the other night wee buggers drive you insane . Avon skin so soft it works a treat and its not badly priced,it even makes Tam smell nice ha ha. A few drams always helps me . Keep smiling Hoolit
  10. Hoolit

    Need a deer dog

    Thanks guys ive got fixed up with a pup down south . I should be picking it up in acouple of weeks not informed the other half yet ,if i just slip it in the kennel block she may not notice and may not notice the cocker that arrives on sunday. I can feel the long long silence already. Keep smiling.
  11. Hoolit

    Does and fawns

    The farmer on one of the tennant farmson the estate has fited a clanger thing to the tractor to try and save choping any youngsters ,he gave me a demo the other day and christ what a racket . Might help. Hoolit
  12. I have a kennel full of dogs sadly ive not trained any on deer ,i know some dogs do it without a problem but after todays stalk i now realise i will have to get a dog for the deer. Im looking for a Hungarion wirehaired vizla bitch . Today went like this ,out at 4.30am That auld bugger Rab slept in so we were a bit late geting on the ground ,after a long time scaning with binos and driving over rough ground we had a long walk up the side of a rape field onto a piece of rough pasture had another good look around then Rab spoted a buck way in the distance we then droped back down the hill a bit to come into the buck into the wind after a bit of a crawl we spoted the buck lying in the long meadow grass only his head gear and lugs above the grasses Rab wanted to take the shot so I handed him the rifle he said to me give him a shout to get him on his feet witch i did and the buck stood up he was closer than I thought about 30yds so i thought rab would neck him he is a good shot and unlike me necks deer regularly i always go for the boiler room anyway the buck takes a couple of steps forward onto a wee hilock he stops Rab fires into the engine room off goes the buck like a rocket in a long wide arc then drops about 125 yds away, we walked towards the buck and i asked the auld **** why he didnt neck as he usually would he said he was sick of me going on about neck shooting so he took it in the body forsake of some peace . When we eventually found the buck in thigh high grass after about an 20 mins of swearing and cursing each other i gralloched it to find the shot went straight through the heart out the other side smashing the left leg hence the big arc . The rifle we used was a .22-250 55grain federal . I was a bit worried that if this was the evening stalk i may not have found the buck in time so if you anyone selling HWV pups let me know and if you know anyone who wants an old retired stalker who drives nowhere smells a lot and drinks everones whisky he is free to a not so good home . Hoolit
  13. Hoolit


    I carried a book at trials in the late 80s 90s on many occasions under George Ridley and he was a true gentleman and one of the most honest and proffesional judges i ever met. RIP George. Hoolit
  14. Hoolit

    A Roe Doe Walked Passed me

    HI all I had a similar thing at the begining of april ,out for a buck and stalked an old buck with a couple of does with him ,after a crawl of about 50 yds i put the palm of my hand on a discarded bit barbed wire and let a hell of yell of course of went every deer in the place ,a bit later i stalked between a hill and some clear fell i stoped leaned on tree to scan the area with the binos after about ten minutes i was about to move on when i spoted a pair of large ears twitching about 40 yds away ,i stoped where i was and stayed motionless then the doe came walking towards me and stoped about 15 to 20 feet away cocking her head side to side wondering what i was ,and only when i laughed did she take of . It always amazes me how poor deer eye sight realy is ive had afew deer standing looking straight at me only a few yds away on many occasions . One tip i have always followed was told to me by an old stalker 30 years ago is never wash or shave on the day you go stalking, strange but ive always stuck to it . PS its not nice stuck in a landrover with me and old Rab after a long stalk. I
  15. I was just wondering if anyone is seeing many fawns about ,ive spoted about 6 or7 does with calfs at foot in the last couple of weeks. Ive had a couple of decent bucks so far and a few good stalks . Hoolit