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  1. Good evening folks Does anyone have any end pins for sale. I am currently making a 50 yarder (set) and although I use the quickest, I have knitted this net to set the tradional way for day time use. Many thanks Groundnester
  2. Hi there, Hopefully someone can help with finding a bull x or a weaton x Im after ideally young dog or bitch for bringing on for next season. If theres something already doing the job I would consider that too. ( I know its a big ask) Lamping and using with the terriers mostly. Located south west. Drop me a message if someone knows of anything or something else that will do the job. Regards and keep safe in these crap times Groundnester
  3. i tried the nightmaster and other torches with ir filters etc and didnt compete with the actual lasers.. im happy with this combo now and hasnt broke the bank.
  4. yes it is . picked it up off ebay last year for 250 quid fitted it with the nv1000 laser. its good enough for i need and isnt effected by recoil. ive also used it on my 243 without any problems
  5. evening all. just thought i would share an evenings call out i had from one of my farmers. He had seen a couple of foxes hanging around the farm yard. Unfortunately this particular farm can be quite difficult due to alot of flood lights, livestock and railway line. anyway got down there tonight at 9:35 and got tucked into a dark overhanging blackthorn and farther started calling. nothing but just as we moved off dad spotted one and with a little more coxing out a vixen crawled under the gate and was cleanly shot with the nightvision set up . not a long shot at yards but a result all the sam
  6. il do them for 8.50 a net including p&p. they are made from green spun nylon and depending on buyers requests its single or double pegs. like i said guys im not out to make loads but if anyone has the twine im sure we can sort something out.
  7. They will come un-pegged as i know everyone has their own preferences on pegs and material. I can make them for either single or double pegs. These are on a made to order so its up to the buyer to tell me what ur preferences are. im not out to make milllions just enough to cover costs and a couple of beers as i enjoy making the nets and take pride in my work. ATB
  8. hi all. if anyone is intrested ive started making 7ft fox purse nets with a little twist. its smaller mesh compared to the conventional 3'' mesh board. these are made with cubbing in mind.pm for more information. happy hunting
  9. as the title says lads... when do you lads first enter your ''young uns'' ?
  10. well after listening to some of your replies to my previous post regarding laser or infered torch , i have decided on the n1000 laser. i had a couple of demos with the torches and wasnt that impressed. i have a cobra merlin gen 1. The laser set me back 145 quid delivered and its the variable one. Theres many pros for this laser starting with the beam. to have have the ability to ''turn down '' the strength for closer than normal rabbits is a massive bonus and yet to strengthen it to comfortably view out to over 250+ yards. i would feel confident in shooting a fox with the set up on my 223 out
  11. I've heard the t20 and night master 800 might work. Has anyone used these to good effect with add on night visions??
  12. Advice needed please. I have a cobra add on for my 223 and 22lr for foxing and rabbiting but need either a infer red torch (scope mounted) or lazer for the unit. Please could u recommend the best equipment. Pictures of ur set ups would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance
  13. yes will be looking to purchase one . i have sent you a pm dig deep 123.
  14. many thnks for the views guys.wat make/models are people using?
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