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  1. http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/untamed-uncut/videos/rabid-fox-attacks-man/
  2. They say when a fox has Rabies they can attack humans for some reason,seen a video of a fox attacking a man in America they said fox had contacted rabies
  3. Plus don't give it to any collie x luchers or anything wit collie in the mix it will kill them no joke
  4. I use feedwell dogs love it and keeps the weight on but do get meat also twice a week
  5. Great show looking forward to it,and a session I'll bring the guitar
  6. Is there bouncy castles ect,as I might bring the family for a good day out
  7. From a man not far from me who collects dead cattle,and always had about 100 odd dogs in his kennels,was a serious dog for drawing,line of dog was unknow as I was young and didn't care as long as dog was doin his job,pity now when I look back
  8. I worked 1 around 15 or 16 years ago,was a lot stronger and had a head like a Wheaton,not like the Irish terriers out there at the min,sorry I don't have a pic of him,maybe someone out there is still breeding that type but haven't seen any
  9. Now and again wit boxer dogs you'll get a full white dog,the gene is way back 20 odd years when the crossed to American bull dog,most breeders of boxes will cull white pups for kc reasons,same wit terriers,only difference is doesn't matters to me wat colour as long as it works
  10. Was chatting him 5 years ago he was 74,79 now roughy hope he recovers well
  11. I know of Paul having see him in a long time to be honest,used to always call for a chats
  12. Looking forward to this show always a great day for working dog men and women
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