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  1. Barleybedlington

    Whippet x greyhound

    Cracking videos mate
  2. Barleybedlington

    Whippet x greyhound

    I've got a bitch, really quick , doing well on the lamp , just starting to get her use to the gun ,
  3. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    Ok will do thanks
  4. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    No more than £60
  5. Barleybedlington

    Mk2 ferret finder

    Hi just got a mk2 finder , looking for some instructions for using it
  6. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

  7. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    Wanted a cheap 410 shotgun , South Wales area
  8. Barleybedlington

    Sighthound crossed with spaniel or pointer

    because they are proven
  9. Barleybedlington

    Sighthound crossed with spaniel or pointer

    I'd stick to the most common / proven crosses i.e. Collie , grews, bedlington .
  10. Barleybedlington


    Hi , what lamps are you lot using , just getting back into lamping, done a search , led , 12v , even torches ?
  11. Barleybedlington

    Flushing to the gun.

    Very nice
  12. Barleybedlington

    Longest living lurcher

    Lost our border Lakeland earlier this year she was sixteen.
  13. Barleybedlington

    This year's runners

  14. Barleybedlington

    This year's runners

    Nice looking for that ,where did you get his collar from
  15. Barleybedlington

    whippet x greyhound

    Here's mine 22 1\2 inches , 13 mths.