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  1. Barleybedlington

    Striup pump

    Ok guys thanks for the info
  2. Barleybedlington

    Striup pump

    Hi got myself AA s200 , question I got ,are the cheap £30 striup pumps on eBay any good
  3. Barleybedlington

    Gun light

    Hi guys looking to buy a scope mounted light/ torch for some night time ratting ,
  4. Barleybedlington

    Whippet x greyhound

    Cracking videos mate
  5. Barleybedlington

    Whippet x greyhound

    I've got a bitch, really quick , doing well on the lamp , just starting to get her use to the gun ,
  6. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    Ok will do thanks
  7. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    No more than £60
  8. Barleybedlington

    Mk2 ferret finder

    Hi just got a mk2 finder , looking for some instructions for using it
  9. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

  10. Barleybedlington

    Wanted 410

    Wanted a cheap 410 shotgun , South Wales area
  11. Barleybedlington

    Sighthound crossed with spaniel or pointer

    because they are proven
  12. Barleybedlington

    Sighthound crossed with spaniel or pointer

    I'd stick to the most common / proven crosses i.e. Collie , grews, bedlington .
  13. Barleybedlington


    Hi , what lamps are you lot using , just getting back into lamping, done a search , led , 12v , even torches ?
  14. Barleybedlington

    Flushing to the gun.

    Very nice
  15. Barleybedlington

    Longest living lurcher

    Lost our border Lakeland earlier this year she was sixteen.