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  1. Bought as red eye satnett to goldfinch but myself think black hooded red sisken to red eye satnett
  2. Thanks pal, I'm not selling atm. might be few spare next year
  3. A few of my current mules, all singing mad now.
  4. Has anyone used these lamps?
  5. Well I can now confirm he's a game little dog pal.. Very game
  6. Put a small bit of weight on him, bit happier with him this way
  7. No pal, tbh its like he got the best of both worlds
  8. Just have to have the connections ??only joking.. 10 minutes spent on him and he's jumping like a pro
  9. He had gotten back a dog off his old dog that had passed away.
  10. He had gotten back a dog off his old dog that had passed away.
  11. A nice type pal, lucky enough to seem to have the right attributes from both sides.
  12. Got the chance at having another first cross bull whippet today, 9 hour round journey but well worth it. Bones.. 14 months old.
  13. 8 months.. Has done some growing he's just over 25 tts now
  14. Thats the brother pal ?? but your right about the part about her being tested by the time the people stop bitching ?
  15. I'll give her plenty of time to adjust anyway before anything is shown to her. She's already like a different bitch. She's come totally out of herself in the last week or so.
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