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  1. i heard a runor the man who wrote this book used to hang around on street corners dressed in a Clint Eastwood outfit with the hat and everything !!!!
  2. I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any litters of patterdale pups on the ground or coming up soon I was promised one from another litter of a friend but that went Tits up soo back to the drawing board if anyone knows of anything could you let me know thank you very much for your time !!!
  3. This is my butch she's 24 inch 2 and half years old don't get me wrong she can be thick as plank sometimes but she's good enough for me comes back when I call her and surprises me every now and then by catching something that's good enough for me
  4. my bitch is fast a f**k but she dose miss some stuff when turning to strike where everything is 100 miles per hour but I'm not after world beater dose me proud
  5. Jim chick is second to none mate honestly mate I'd go with him mate I sent two off for repair and hey come back resprayed and all repaired and stuck new stickers on the wheels for me all for 50 quid the both including postage back
  6. She's 24 inch mate pure speed machine mate she had her faults mate if I'm lamping with her and it's always on her first slip she's gives a little whine then bang if she's caught it and her second run she doesn't make a sound mate can't moan really but she dose cut easy make got skin like paper and most my running is round live stock and stuff so a lot of fences and stuff soo gotta pick or choose really mate with her
  7. I've got a bull whippet greyhound bitch 24 inch she's two year old I don't hold any credit to bringing her on at all as I got her off a friend !! At times I want to rip my hair out and some times I'm proud as punch with her she brings me back to hand what she catch and she's comes back when I call her and she's steady with livestock and good with ferrets not a lot more I can ask for really
  8. Cheers mate she makes me pull my hair out at times but she makes me proud at the same time
  9. There you go sorry about that wait and cheers I'll be doing it like that from now often
  10. Yeah mate it's just bring out there doing it mate the dog had two good runs soo I was happy as can be really
  11. For some reason it won't let me upload the photo it says it's too big
  12. Got up nice and early today and had a few places in mind on my permisson where there was some rabbits hanging around which on my permisson at the moment rabbits are abit thin on the ground soo armed with just my shovel ferrets and dog I managed to bag myself two rabbits I know it's not a massive bag but I was happy none the less
  13. I would also recommend Jim chick myself just got my two boxes back he respayed one for me and both come back with two new batteries in them very good service
  14. I've got a whippet bull greyhound I know it's not straight whippet greyhound but honestly I really do have to pick and choose my runs with her cause she doesn't know when to slow down or stop it's just bend or die with her but she no world beater but she's keeps me on my toes
  15. Can't wait to get this in my hands mate I can't thank you enough mate a true craftsmen honestly mate thank you soo much
  16. Hi everyone I know this might be a long shot but dose anyone on here have a milbro style catty that they would like to sell at all it's only for my little cousin basically he's mum dad spilt up and the kids heartbroken soo trying to get him into coming out mouching and bushing with me not my company would make any happier lol but stop him crying lol thank you very much for you lot time
  17. Hi everyone I've seen a few people on here have customised there opinels with deer antler handles which look brilliant btw I was wondering is there anyone on here would do one for me I don't mind paying good money for one to be done thank you for time
  18. Not that I've seen many lurchers work but 'Bert' of sb the bit I did see that dog at a old age will always stay in my memory
  19. what it's like mate I was gonna get that one for my dog but I read the reviews on pets at home and they wasn't that good
  20. f**k me Jamie you got a flat cap lol smart looking pups mate
  21. Anyone around the hoddesdon area or Hertford going lamping or bushing
  22. Hi anyone around the Hertford ware and hoddesdon doing much ferreting I've got My own permission just bored of always going on my own
  23. Just got some of johnny boy top notch better then what I expected highly recommend!!!
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