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  1. Great, very interesting to observe the ferret at work and rabbit behaviour down the warren
  2. Anyone recommend a suitable treat to give as reward while training ferret?
  3. Wow, her videos are great! Got some wood based litter and a shallow litter tray today. Also bought a clicker so will be trying to tame ferret to mess in the tray and cook breakfast lol
  4. You know what, its worth a shot. It would be fun trying and it will also be part of the bonding process with a new ferret Just need to find a suitably loud clicker now
  5. Was just a though. Was not intending it to replace a locator, just thought it could be used in conjunction with a locator. I'm not sure how far the sound would travel down the warren, or far that matter how good a ferrets hearing is. The One is probably correct though, I doubt they would be able to hear it.
  6. Anyone ever use a clicker etc to train they're ferrets? I know its normally associated with dogs, but the click = food reward maybe could be used to help get the attention of stinky who has decided to stay down the warren?
  7. Hope so, message was from over a week ago, so im late to see it, replied about an hour ago, fingers crossed its still available
  8. Still no ferret yet mate but will post pics as soon as im sorted
  9. Cheers for the feedback guys, some great ideas. Not been online for a while so time of an update. Was given an old hutch yesterday, It will do as a stopgap but am going ahead with my self build soon, all I need now is some mesh and felt. A polecat hob is also on the cards, that is if its still around as like I said not been online for a week or so.
  10. Will give this a shot when Im up and running
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