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  1. It's amazing what a month locked up in rehab can do for ye
  2. Parkinsons is the least of my health problems pal
  3. He's a wheaten x pit back to an A2 track bitch pal
  4. Happy out with my pups first ever slip he done very well for a 22 month old pup
  5. Happy days bud we marked two to ground yesterday dug one and the other bolted
  6. You tell me you seem to know all the answers
  7. Lads I known had the same problem few year back .Myself and my mate and sin were also out digging 40 mile away .we stopped trying holes and drove up helping them dig long into the darknees thank God it all worked out .We got the dog out eventually I'd never leave anyone stuck like that it's nice to be nice
  8. He always did have a way with words lol.I met him before at the Welsh game fair he a sound bloke straight up what ye see is what ye get
  9. You need a reliabe bait an pal nowt worse then being all geared up and left with no bait .You loose a lot of time on the day with an unreliable ass hole for a bait dealer
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