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  1. He’s the same, only ever had one bad knock and that was chasing a rabbit through a kids play ground when my wife had them out for a leisurely stroll ?
  2. Cheers mate, he’s getting on for 9yo now so just comes on the ferreting trips now. He’s from doxhope dam and a Hancock sire.
  3. Not a great day for numbers but we had fun anyway.
  4. I'll keep my ear to the ground around hear mate ( Runcorn). Scumbags.
  5. Book arrived today, very well packaged must have used a full roll of tape. Excellent condition as promised. Cheers MM a pleasure doing business with you. Wee ben
  6. I bet he can't wear flip flops anymore??
  7. Does anyone know if and when this one is on? A mate said it's one of the best working dog shows he's been to.
  8. Boots came today. Good as new like you said thanks mate. This is my third pair of these boots they are bomb proof. Thanks again, pleasure doing business with you!
  9. Did you sell the boots mate?
  10. Are they waterproof? Looks like it might be. Cheers Ben
  11. Decathlon do one called the alpha, but i think it's just for small tracking dogs?
  12. Tell me about it. My missus picked my last user name so I re- joined. Good luck with the books.
  13. I'm guessing that's each and not for the lot? Penny Taylor not Smith.
  14. Good on ya! Yomping with a dog sounds good.
  15. I've just taken my dogs off it( titanium). Stools were fine but they never cleaned their bowls till the next morning. Now trying field and trail 23 will let you know how they do on it.
  16. I think I'll stick to the halogen for now. Might get a cheap led for a backup. Thanks for the advice.
  17. Cheers mate, new phone puts in what It wants! I will take the time to read my own posts.
  18. I was referring to one man and his dogs typo but didn't copy his post! Not as funny now?
  19. Topic should have read Led v's halogen!
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